Plans to spend $700 million on renovating and building approved schools in Detroit

Detroit Schools will spend $700 million in federal COVID funds repairing old school facilities and building new ones, an effort aimed at providing $2.1 billion in infrastructure needs in Michigan’s largest school district.

The funds will allow the district to build five new schools that will replace existing buildings that require excessive repairs; Create additions in five buildings to address overcrowding or increase registration; The renovation of 64 buildings with a focus on roofs, external enclosures, heating, cooling and lighting.

The plan, approved by the Board of Education on Tuesday, also pushes for the phase-out of four buildings with extensive repair needs and the demolition of 12 buildings including schools due to be phased out and vacant buildings on school campuses.

The district had over 250,000 students and 200 school buildings. It now educates about 50,000 students in preschool through 12th grade and operates around 107 buildings.

The district suffered from exorbitant growing capital needs across its school buildings, which were largely neglected for nearly a decade under the state-run Emergency Management, which ended in 2016.

Vetti said the infrastructure investment is the largest since he became a supervisor in 2017.

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