Plastic is in the running for the best building products

The National Home Builders Association recognizes the latest and greatest new products and services from exhibiting companies at the International Builders’ Show.

This year, construction industry experts and media judges looked at 200 entries in eight categories to determine which would win one of the IBS’ top awards.

Judges consider product innovation, functionality, design, and ease of use to determine the winners.

Plastic Handlers are among the 40 finalists in several categories, including the best windows and doors, the most innovative building materials, the best outdoor living products and the most innovative building tools. Among the finalists:

• Endura Products Inc. For its FusionFrame brand composite door frame, which consists of a wood frame with a maintenance-free composite exterior.

Greensboro, North Carolina-based company says the FusionFrame requires no more filling and has innovative features that make installing the correct door unit a snap. Endura also says that the unique design prevents thermal bending common to other composite products.

Endura also has a multi-point locking product that has reached the final stage in the window and door category. The product adds two lock points for the entrance and doors in addition to the lock. Benefits include deflection of the impact while attempting to break in and forming a better seal against the weather by pulling the door further into alignment. Also, the locking system is compatible with most off-the-shelf devices.

• Arcitell LLC builds its Qora Cut LedgeStone TightStack building materials for residential and commercial purposes. The panels feature a rigid foam core, fiberglass reinforced layers, and a surface layer that incorporates real materials for the look and feel of real brick and stone.

Sugarcreek, based in Ohio, says it uses rigid phenolic foam and composite technology in its manufacturing process. Most cladding panels weigh 2 to 3 pounds per square foot, which is a fraction of the weight of similar conventional materials.

Each Qora Stone also has a quarter inch “Break Button” to keep water and steam away from the wall assembly.

• Barrette Outdoor Living for decorative injection molded polypropylene screen panels. The panels come in two sizes and an array of colors and patterns to use as a deck or partition wall covering for outdoors or indoors. Middleburg Heights, Ohio says PP panels are twice as thick as conventional plastic mesh and are designed to withstand harsh weather temperatures and resist impact.

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