Plateau plans 844 housing units for workers – The Sun Nigeria

The plateau government has inaugurated the construction of 844 housing units in Zanoora, Miangu District, Basa Local Government Area of ​​the state.
for workers.

Speaking while performing the groundbreaking ceremony, State Governor Simon Lalonge
He described the housing unit as “a dividend of peace in the region.”

He said the project will provide support to workers by enabling them to have affordable modern housing, with a flexible payment system.

He commended the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) for giving priority to affordable housing for civil servants, through its collaboration with the Federal Housing Authority and the Federal Mortgage Bank (FMB).

“Through the worker housing estate, our civil servants will have no reason to worry about owning a home or renting a residence because there is a mechanism that enables them to own a home on very friendly terms,” he said.

He said the state government, in collaboration with the FMB, has provided N2 billion worth of home renovation loans to more than 2,500 civil servants to help them meet housing challenges.

The governor explained that a committee was formed headed by the head of the department to establish housing, offices, farm lands and all state-owned assets.

“The committee will also advise the government on which of the properties can be given to the occupied owner and which ones will be redeveloped under a public-private partnership,” he said.

He urged the developer of housing units to ensure compliance with development control standards, adding that housing should be built according to approved plans to prevent buildings from collapsing.

In another development, the governor has expressed concern over misinformation spread on social media, that the state government has ceded the Jos Main Market to Jaiz Bank Nigeria Plc. Through the proposed reconstruction contract.

We are entering into a partnership which will see the bank finance the rebuilding project at 100 per cent and share the shops at 40-60 per cent for the purpose of renting only.

The 40-year lease is for individuals who will buy the shops, not the bank.

He said: “I appeal to our people not to pay attention to propaganda and political exaggerations that promote selling the market to an Islamic bank.”

Earlier, in his remarks, State Service Chief Stephen Hyatt said, “The housing unit occupies 40 hectares of land and will enhance the welfare and productivity of workers.”

Hayat said 2,956 workers have benefited from the modern housing scheme by the government, which will improve the economy through ownership of land documents, which can serve as a guarantee for corporate loans.

In his pronouncements, the supreme ruler of the Irigoi nation, Pra Nguy Irigoi
Retired Reverend Ronko Akah thanked the governor for implementing the housing unit in his chiefdom, saying that it would offer the area for comprehensive development.

Plateau NLC Chairman Eugene Mange also thanked Lalonge for his conception and implementation of the housing unit, saying, “26 attempts have been made before to build housing units for workers to no avail.”

He thanked the governor for building the roads leading to the housing units, expressing the hope that the houses would be completed between 15 and 18 months.

Speaking at the event, partner at Drallop Services, condominium contractors, Haji Sleiman Imani of Imani Property Do, Jos, said that more than 1,600 jobs will be created in the implementation of the project.

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