Portugal Home Week opens as officials focus on continued international growth

PORTO, Portugal – With international markets and fairs resuming around the world, Portuguese home furnishing manufacturers brought their products to buyers here with the opening of the second edition of Portugal Home Week on Tuesday. See also: Scenes from Homeland Week in Portugal

According to APIMA officials, Portugal is experiencing continuous growth in the export of home furnishing products, an upward trajectory with great potential for 2022 and beyond.

The upward growth of home furnishings

Portuguese exports of furniture, furnishings, seats and other complementary activities grew by 6% in the first quarter of the year, compared to 2021, to reach nearly 500 million euros, despite the strong social and political conditions affecting Europe and the world, highlighting Gualter Morgado said APIMA CEO: “The Unique Value of the Portuguese Home Sector”.

He added: “The bloc recorded a continuous increase in monthly values, reaching 155 million euros in January, 160 million euros in February and 169 million euros in March, and positive performance in nine of its ten major markets, compared to 2020”.

Morgado indicated that France is the main importer of Portuguese products with a share of nearly 35%, followed by Spain and the United States with an annual variance of over 30%, Germany (10%) and the United Kingdom (19%). .

Home Pro Trips takes buyers to manufacturers

Portugal Home Week combines traditional trade fair, seminars, networking and local meetings with home furnishing manufacturers. The “Home Pro Trips” initiative at Portugal Home Week allows buyers to schedule visits at company sites to tour the manufacturing facilities, meet designers and observe first-hand the production process.

“One of the main goals of Portugal Home Week is to connect visitors directly with the exhibiting companies, which are located near the city of Oporto,” Morgado said. “Instead of only showing a small portion of their portfolio on the Home Show, companies are allowed to showcase their entire offering to buyers, runners-up and decision-makers from all over the world, right at their doorstep, to see what they have to offer the world.”

Morgado said Portugal’s GDP grew 4.9% in 2021, largely due to internal consumption, referring to data from the National Statistics Institute. He noted that domestic demand grew by 5% in 2021, and private consumption grew by 4.4%, recovering from a 7.1% decline in 2022.

“The focus is currently on promoting Portuguese companies and brands around the world as a common and integrated front by increasing their influence in traditional markets and entering new geographies,” Morgado said. “We have done this with the “Made In Portugal Naturally” brand, which is already famous in many countries.

“The strategies applied range from participating in the most prestigious international events, such as Salone del Mobile, to organizing events such as Portugal Home Week to bring the world into the sphere of influence of the group companies,” he continued. “We also encourage integrated networks and communication channels that will allow companies to grow and establish themselves internationally as a reference in the industry.”

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