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The house has two additional bedrooms and two full bathrooms on the upper floor. “We like having the extra space to host people,” says Alli. Sally and Mike Foster, Ali’s parents whom Cam Gigi and Bobby call Gigi, visit frequently from Wilmington, North Carolina. Will’s mother, Marie Geiger (also known as MiMi), lives a mile away and looks after the children every Friday. “Kam is the only one who can manage MiMi and get away with it,” Ally says of her mother-in-law, a US District Court judge. “We get him up in the morning and he says, ‘MiMi? ​​Mimi?”

Downstairs and beyond the back door, the Louis family oasis is waiting for you. A gated patio surrounds comfortable seating, grill, long dining table and chairs to entertain family and friends. Skylights let in light from above. On the other side of the gate, try other Lewis family members, Gibbs and Lucy. “They are very good with Cam,” Allie says of the rescue dogs.

In the middle of the courtyard is a free swimming pool. In the rear left corner there is a hammock under a huge oak tree. Whimsical lights hang from the tree to the patio, providing festive lighting in the evening. In the right corner is a large beautiful blue fountain surrounded by a low stone wall. The pool patio extends to the far right as the fire pit invites company when the weather is cool. As with the house itself, Alli and Will had little to no landscaping. “The backyard is intentionally planted, with plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds,” says Alli. “We just added some hydrangea plants in the front yard.” Jennifer Glass from Fine Gardening came over and showed Alli how to care for the different plants. “I was so afraid I was going to kill something.”

No matter the season, Alli and Will can entertain family and friends indoors or out. “We love outdoor entertainment, whether it’s weekend pool parties, Friday afternoon happy hours, or the supper club,” says Alli.

The Lewis love their home on Abelia Road. They love the sense of neighborhood and proximity to Heathwood Park. “The neighbors are so cool,” says Alli. “It was a great place as a new mom. The neighbors with the older kids are really helpful.” Even the home’s former owner, Stephanie Kimbrough, gets in through her work growing containers. “I made my plants front and back, and it’s beautiful,” she says. The design of the house, Rossi’s skills in thoughtful decor, the swimming pool, and of course the location of the house on the Abelia Road, all combined to make the perfect new home.

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