Quick DIY tools to beautify your decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner and we are sure you will be busy cleaning your house to welcome Bappa into your abode. Well, while you are already busy with all the cleaning, let’s relieve you of the decorating chores. If you adore the idea of ​​decorating a Ganpati mandap decoration yourself, we offer you some great ideas to get your home ready for celebration! Follow the listed decoration tips which are easy to implement and play the Ganesh logo in the background and decorate your dwelling with the much needed beautiful and positive ambiance of Ganesh Chaturthi.

1. Marigold dyes

Classic plush accents never go out of style! Marigolds represent the sun, symbolize brightness and positive energy and hold great significance in Hindu mythology. For a more beautiful space to place Lord Ganesha, you can decorate the wall with multiple velor threads hanging straight from top to bottom. The process is very easy and doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and can easily outpace a sidekick at home. You can add rugs or matching floor mats to add a touch of charm to the overall décor.

2. Pastel Floral Thread Curtains

Curtains are the ancient decoration method that can effortlessly enhance Ganpati decoration at home. White curtains in the front accompanied by an array of white floral threads, traditional Indian hanging made of beads and pearls, and mirrors can make the decor look great for this pious occasion. If you want to keep the décor subtle and simple go for the pastel colored curtains but if you want to fancy the look then just a hint of glam around your Ganesh Chaturthi décor.

3. Touch the leaves to win

When it comes to decoration, flowers and leaves are always first in the queue due to their variegated nature. You can involve these elements in a plethora of creative ways in your decor. This environmentally friendly material is visually soothing; All you have to do is just get the art and you are all set for Ganesh Chaturthi’s outstanding décor. Take your decorative clay pots and add some large banana leaves to them and place them in various places. You can also make a backdrop using thick greens or cover a ring with leaves and foliage, hang it over the mandap ganpati and let the curtains pass through.

4. Ceiling disturbed by lighting

Even simple DIY decor can look great when accompanied by some interesting lighting fixtures. Hang some fairy lights or lamps on the ceiling for a heavenly, warm and welcoming aura to your Ganesh Chaturthi decor. Get a handy some pastel paper ruffles and turn them into a pendant. Stick it all across the ceiling and your guests will be amazed. This simple DIY can light up your uninteresting ceilings without affecting your pocket.

5. Earthen potted flowers and candles for a magical touch

While we usually decorate a sideboard, the space in front of it is one of the most neglected and one that can spark all your preparations. Rustic or earthen pots filled with flower petals, water, twigs, or floating candles can add a touch of whimsy to your decor while keeping everything sophisticated. Keep the variety of flowers the same throughout the space for a more unified look.

Now that you have all the jazz tips and tricks in your Ganesh Chaturthi space, what’s stopping you from bringing a Bappa into your home? Be creative and celebrate the occasion in style. We wish you happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

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