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It’s easier than ever to start a business thanks to the internet, but that doesn’t mean finding the right structure is simple. In terms of online business, there are two main types: regular e-commerce and dropshipping. But, what is the right solution for your needs?

lets take alook.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is an umbrella term that describes a business that sells goods or services over the Internet. Most of the e-commerce business belongs to the retail industry, but you can find companies that sell just about any item or convenience. Most e-commerce companies follow the “traditional” format.

A traditional or generic e-commerce store will use a well-planned supply chain that they employ and manage themselves. They usually buy their warehouse, products, and stores to present their solutions to the public, and will sell from their own site, third-party sites, or both.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce that does not need a physical store to sell products, but they will need suppliers to pack, ship, and deliver their products. While dropshippers have to manage their own website, marketing and customer service, they never touch their products.

Since company owners do not have access to the products they sell, they use dropshipping automation software, such as SparkShipping, to contact their suppliers and manage order routing. Unless you tell your customers or clients, they will have no idea that you are a dropshipping company.

How do you know if e-commerce is right for your business

E-commerce is the new way to shop. In the future, the majority of companies will have an online component, so it’s in your best interest to sign up as soon as possible. If you already have a physical storefront, switching to an online store is especially easy.

With an online store, you can view more fashionable items. If you own a physical store, you are limited by the square feet of your store, but the virtual market has no limits.

Finally, it is cheaper to run an online store, as shopping centers often deceive their tenants. Online, you can sell to more people and lower your hiring costs. A good number of your daily e-commerce site tasks can be completed by freelancers or remote employees.

What are the disadvantages of e-commerce?

Regular e-commerce is obviously more suitable for traditional stores, but if you’re not familiar with order processing, distribution, and running a website, it can be a challenge. It’s also hard to plan a growth strategy, as e-commerce sites can explode in popularity overnight.

How do you know if dropshipping is right for your business

Dropshipping companies are more suitable for startups that don’t already have a website or physical inventory. Since you don’t need to work from a physical storefront or dispatch inventory, you can run your dropshipping business from your bedroom. This will save you money and time.

On top of that, you don’t have the responsibility to maintain your inventory, which means you don’t have to go through in-store checks. You also don’t have to hire or pay employees (unless you want a web developer).

The absolute best part of owning a dropshipping business is your global reach. With a normal e-commerce business, you are limited to the number of manufacturing facilities you have. The dropshipping business can expand to the ends of the earth if they have the right resource.

What are the disadvantages of dropshipping?

Since you do not handle your own inventory, quality control may be an issue. Returns and refunds can also make for a nightmare, as you may have to pay out of pocket for some items. If you search for suppliers early on, you can avoid costly mistakes and unsatisfied customers.

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