Renovation of KTU residence, information and library spaces

The renovated twelve-storey building on Gričiupio Street 13, Kaunas is planned to gradually open its doors during the semester starting in September.

“The university not only educates the students, but also helps in the development of their personalities, therefore, education should take place in a suitable contemporary environment. It includes not only things related to the study process, extracurricular arts and sports activities, but also Living conditions that will encourage students to collaborate, help them focus while studying or relax after classes.Rector of Studies Jonas Cibonis.

From an old building to a modern student residence

Keeping in mind the necessity for today’s students to live and study in a contemporary environment, KTU has begun renovating its tenth university residence again in 2020.

The renovated dormitory with a total floor area of ​​more than 4.8 thousand square meters will provide its residents with 137 single rooms and 61 double rooms, which will accommodate 259 students. The rooms will be combined into blocks, where the residents will share the hall, the kitchenette and the sanitary unit.

KTU’s new library
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It is planned that the price of a bedroom varies from 150 to 233 euros, depending on the chosen room and the type of building. One building will contain three single rooms or one double room.

“The decision to choose this type of layout was encouraged by the experience in other university dormitories – single and double rooms are the most popular among students. Also, during the preparation of the university housing modernization project, discussions were held with members of the university students’ union, who are in favor of shared bedrooms where one can have on a more personal space,” says Kristina, Director of Student Affairs at KTU Skučienė.

On each floor, the common kitchens, of open type or with a separate divided dining area, will invite students to spend a pleasant leisure time. Here, residents will find soft benches and tables with bar stools or an amphitheater for watching movies.

“While preparing for the housing renovation project, the needs of modern student life were taken into account in university housing, where communication, dining and entertainment areas should be common, and rest and study areas – individual. Contemporary student housing is less reminiscent of dormitories than in the past and looks more like apartments. We hope that Students in common areas cook dinner, eat together, watch movies, or just socialize.”

The residence will open in September

Modern university housing is also adapted for students with disabilities.

“On one floor there are rooms with kitchen and sanitary unit area equipped for people with mobility disabilities. Next to those rooms there are areas for helpers, should a person with disabilities need their assistance. The dormitory entrance, access control gates and elevators are also adapted for people with disabilities. kinetics,” says Skučienė.

The €4.5 million dormitory renovation project included not only the renovation of the interior, but also its exterior: the facade of the building was thermally insulated, windows and roof replaced, and the exterior grounds redesigned. The gray and white brick facade of the building has already been replaced, reflecting contemporary architectural trends.

Renovated roads and pathways are planned to lead to the residence’s entrance, and students will be able to park their cars in expanded car parks separated by automated barriers. The outdoor fitness area, which will be installed next to the existing basketball court, will invite students to actively spend their free time there. Also, it is planned to install new benches with close lighting.

KTU's new library

KTU’s new library
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Although renovations are still in progress, three floors of housing on Gričiupis Street will await students from September; The rest of the rooms are planned to be occupied by winter.

“During the renovation process, given the ambitious vision of transforming the building into a comfortable and contemporary student residence, we faced many challenges. However, with perseverance and focus, we are at the end of it. In phases, the opening of KTU’s Asset Management and Management Department, says Svajūnas Jakutis. Dormitory for its residents in the fall.

Information about studies and activities – in one place

The Student Information Center, located in the heart of the KTU Student Campus, Studentų Street 50, which opened in the spring, is already well known by students – student affairs staff, the Department of International Relations and the Doctoral School work from there.

“This information point is an example of the university’s attempts to apply the one-stop shop principle while responding to student inquiries: A student interested in exchange opportunities, dormitories, or extracurricular activities can get most of the information in one place,” says Ebonis.

The KTU Student Information Center provides advice on general issues related to all levels of studies, including international studies, internships, extracurricular activities and accommodation. Staff working at the new information point provide information on the “GIFTed” and “GIFTed Masters” talent development programs, and the “SKILLed FinTech” specialized additional education program. They can be contacted to learn more about ‘Wanted’ professional development, ‘GUIDed’ mentoring programmes, and learn about ‘Standard’ and ‘Inspirational’ activities.

The 700 square meter space is divided into individual and common work areas. Separate meeting rooms with stained glass dividers that serve the needs of employees. Due to its excellent location, the information point is easy to access for students from all faculties on campus and residents of dormitories.

Campus Library – A multifunctional space that serves students’ needs

The incorporation of innovative centers into the already existing university buildings is unknown at KTU – this concept was also chosen for the construction of a multifunctional KTU center with an integrated library, the Campus Library. A study area of ​​​​2.4 thousand square meters was opened for students and citizens of Kaunas in March, located in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 48th Street.

“Instead of expanding our infrastructure, we have a great responsibility to rationally manage existing buildings, looking for possibilities to significantly reconfigure or modernize them. This allows us to adapt to the university’s contemporary needs without increasing operational costs,” says Jakotis.

The KTU Campus Library is one of the most contemporary centers of work and study in Lithuania. The library space is divided into four areas designated for individual study, events, collaborative work, and entertainment. More than 442 workstations have been installed in the multifunctional work and study environment.

In the new library, there are 11 areas designed for collaborative work, which can be converted into larger or smaller workspaces depending on the size of the team.

The need for versatility and functionality was also met by building the event space with amphitheater seating, exhibition and book storage areas, thus utilizing every centimeter of the building. In the campus library, students can relax in the lounges and eat or have refreshments in the kitchen and dining area.

According to KTU Library Director Dr. Gintarė Tautkevičienė, from day one, the campus library has become a center of attraction for students, staff and the city community: “In a few months since the opening, numerous events, lectures, presentations, exhibitions and remote events for students and the academic community have been held in the campus library. University of KTU.International meetings with KTU partners have been organized in rooms specially adapted for ECIU activities.

University, city, and international event accommodations are booked in advance, and we already have reservations for the fall semester. It shows that there has been a shortage and great need for contemporary, flexible and welcoming public spaces in the local community.”

In the campus library, students, staff, and city residents can use the Internet connection and free resources, search for information sources, and participate in on-site training or recreational events. Library services can be used by students, staff and the general public at KTU. Upon entry, visitors must present student or employee credentials, or any other document confirming the person’s identity.

The campus library hours vary depending on the needs of visitors: during the semester it is open until midnight on weekdays, and during the summer months – from 10 am to 6 pm.

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