Rushcliffe Borough Council plans to submit applications in the week ending Sunday 8 May

The list below is from the Rushcliffe Borough Council website at TuesdayAnd mayo 10 Contains planning applications that became effective the previous week in Rushcliffe, Nottinghamshire.

  • Converting the loft includes front and rear hip to gable extension and side box windows. Construction of a 2-storey aft extension and front canopy roof 80 Greythorn Drive West Bridgford
  • Construction of a one-story dwelling including accompanying landscaping, parking and access works, land on the corner of Ashley Rd and Church Drive, Keyworth
  • The Application for the Current Legality Certificate of Use of the Red Edged Land Formed Part of the Residential Park (i.e. curtilage) of 22 Costock Road and Meeting House Close No. 1 formerly for a continuous period of more than 10 years in the history of this application, 22 Costock Road East Leake
  • Discharge of Case 3 (Materials) and 12 (Electric Vehicle Charging Point) from Planning Permission 21/01406/FUL, Rectory Farm Widmerpool Road Wysall Nottingham
  • The proposed front elevation reconfiguration includes a two-story front extension, front ramp, and rendering application. Conversion of the existing detached garage to include a two-story connection to the existing residence, first floor extension and one-story side extension. Landscaping and Associated Outdoor Works, The Elms Tollerton Lane Tollerton Nottingham
  • Installing a blocked curb and new paver driveway, replacing all existing windows and inserting a rear dormer window and non-opening side window at second floor level (resubmit 22/00412/FUL), 41 Main Street Costock
  • Drain conditions 3 (cladding and roofing materials), 4 (landscaping and border treatment), 5 (afforestation method statement), 7 (surface water runoff), 8 (electric vehicles), and 10 (construction management plan) for planning application 22/00038/ FUL, Brookland House 4 Park Lane Sutton Bonington
  • A one-story extension of 5 m long from the rear of the dwelling, 3.5 m high and 2.3 m cornices high, 27 Hill Drive Bingham Nottingham
  • Single storey side/rear annex. Modifications to existing windows and doors, 23 Blakeney Road Radcliffe On Trent
  • T1 – Cedar – Crown Shrinked by 2.5m leaving a balanced crown, Residential Residence at Trent 64 Shelford Road Radcliffe On Trent Nottingham
  • Fence installation and replacement lighting, Gotham Business Park Lake Road Gotham
  • Includes application for a proposed statutory certificate for converting a hip loft to a gable roof and creating a dormer window for the new tailgate, 93 Pierrepont Road West Bridgford
  • Two-story and one-story aft extension, solar panels on front roof height, 117 Rutland Road West Bridgford
  • Transformation of the loft to include a trunk dormer window and rooftop balcony, and a new window for a side elevation on the second floor. Works on existing detached garage for partial conversion into a new gym/yoga room, and includes a one-story rear extension and first floor extension with new high ceiling and exterior wall/entrance. Exterior application of wood cladding, Riggside Station Road Upper Broughton Melton Mowbray

  • Two storey extensions to the front, side and back including increasing the overall height of the dwelling. (Resubmit 22/00189 / FUL), 16 Vicarage Green Edwalton
  • Request a non-material modification of Planning Permission 21/02283 / FUL to correct the previously approved boundary processing plan, to ensure that all rear fences are 1.8 meters high. Pre-approved boundary treatment plan shows 1.5 m rear fences, with trellis 0.3 m high, North Land of Park Lane Park Lane Sutton Bonnington
  • Garage demolished and replaced with two-story side extension, one-story rear extension, conversion of existing flat front roof to single mile, forward slope, backyard expansion, new front curb crossing and associated exterior works, 1 Langar Road Bingham
  • Discharge conditions 3 (materials), 4 (hard surfaces and soft landscaping), 9 (surface runoff gauges), 10 (ground levels), 11 (contaminated ground report), 12 (electric vehicle charging points), 14 (construction method statement) ), 16 (Bat Boxes), 18 (Tree Protection Plan from Planning Permission 22/00118/VAR, 48 Main Street East Leake
  • Construction of a one-storey side extension, new front porch. Exterior modifications include the application of the cathedral’s cladding. New dropped berth, vehicle entrance, and fencing installed over existing front boundary masonry wall (resubmit 21/02702/FUL), 63 Park Lane Sutton Bonington Loughborough
  • Exterior rendering overhaul and repaint of repaired area, perimeter/border fencing installation, MUGA (Multi-Use Game Area) installation, installation of safety glass over existing windows, installation of additional toilets in existing toilet block, additional toilet staff, Easthorpe House 165 Loughborough Road Ruddington
  • Hip-to-gable roof extensions on both sides of the existing roof and rear window pane, 32 Covert Crescent Radcliffe On Trent
  • The two-story front and side extension includes the front porch element and steps. Rear wood clad sunshade, 20 Dunster Road West Bridgford
  • Rear loft extension (reintroduced 21/03152 / FUL), 39 Gordon Road West Bridgford

Scheduled planning requests for the same period

  • Non-material modification request for planning permission 21/02732/FUL to change a roof from hip to single-roof, 50 St Lawrence Boulevard Radcliffe On Trent Minor minor modification OK
  • Discharge Status 13 (verification report showing completion of work) of Planning Request 19/02914 / FUL, Land East Of Chapel Lane Adjacent Level Crossing Chapel Lane Bingham Discharge conditions
  • One-storey rear extension of 6.0m from the rear of the dwelling, ridge height 3.25m and eaves height 3.5m, 12 Blake West Bridgeford Road Denial of pre-approval
  • Detached back garden garage (Reintroduction 21/03165/FUL), Home Farm 15 Loughborough Road Bunny Nottingham – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • remove wooden windows and side panels; Lower sill, Install new wood window, Backfill brick on sides, The Stables Main Street Flawborough-
    Granting of consent is subject to conditions
  • Proposed statutory development certificate application in connection with the construction of a one-story subsidiary garden room and garden shop, The Old Vicarage Burton Lane Whatton Nottingham – CLU Allowed / Granted
  • Demolition of the existing conservatory and erection of a one-story side extension, 15 Woodside Road Radcliffe On Trent – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Bungalow Back Annex, 7 Queen Marys Close Upper Saxondale
    Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Request for pre-approval under Category Q to convert the existing farm store barn into a first floor residence No. 2, Lings Barn Farm The Fosse Cropwell Butler
    No prior approval is required
  • Request for a proposed legal development certificate for the installation of 7no. New roof lights on the main deck, The Old Barn Screveton Road Car Colston – CLU Allowed / Granted
  • Application for Certificate of Legal Development Proposed to Form a Dormitory Window to Rear Rise, 7 Anson Road Newton – CLU Allowed / Granted
  • Construction of one front floor, two side floors, and a first floor, side and rear extensions, 14 Carlton Crescent East Lake– Application allowed (conditionally)

  • Request for mCertificate of legal development proposed for the installation of 7no. New roof lights on the main deck, The Old Barn Screveton Road Car Colston – CLU Allowed / Granted
  • Bungalow rear extension and new pedestrian ramp access, 15 Albert Street Radcliffe On Trent – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Release Conditions 3 (Statement of Construction Method) and 5 (Building Registration Exercise for Building) of Planning Permission 20/01988/RELDEM, 48 Main Street East Leake Discharge conditions
  • Demolition of stables and construction of new one-story residence including associated landscaping and access works, Manor House Main Road Shelton Newark Denial of permission with reasons
  • Partial demolition and bungalow rear/side extension of detached pool, Normanton Grange Old Milton Road Normanton at Woolds Nottingham – Withdraw the request
  • Construction of two storeys front/side and lateral extension of the first floor, one storey rear extension. New front porch. Rendering app for all altitudes, Applecroft 2 Riverside Watton – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Construction of Single Floor Side Extensions, New Front Porch, Rendering App at All Heights, 6 Lamcote Gardens Radcliffe On Trent – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • demolition of the existing garage; two-storey side / rear extension with a one-story element; Creating a new detached car port, End Cottage Village Street Edwalton – Withdraw the request
  • Application for Reserved Matters under Application No. 13/02329/OUT for Landscaping Approval for a LEAP Installation (Locally Equipped Play Area), Shelford Road Farm Site Shelford Road Radcliffe On Trent
    Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Discharge Requirement 4 (Archaeology) for Planning Application 20/01056/FUL, Portland Grange Farm Longhedge Lane Sibthorpe Discharge conditions
  • Replacing the existing rear extension with a two-story rear extension, 9 Nursery Road Radcliffe On Trent Nottingham – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Construction of two storey front extension with new front porch and side extension for first floor, 10 Barndale Close West Bridgford – Withdraw the request
  • Conservatory building aft, 26 Burnside Road West Bridgford
    Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Single deck rear extension, new front porch installation and loft conversion/extension; Modifications to fenestration 119 Repton Road West Bridgeford Nottingham – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Bungalow rear extension and alterations to fenestration, 13 Oldershaw Road East Leake – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Loft conversion with dormer and flex windows forward and aft window, 14 Bley Avenue East Leake Loughborough – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • one-story rear extension; Raised patio extension to the rear, 121 Rutland Road West Bridgford Nottingham – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Bungalow side/back extension, 6 Main Stanford Street in Soar Loughborough – Withdraw the request
  • Application for Listed Building Approval for a One-Story Side/Rear Extension of the Existing Listed Building, 6 Main Street Stanford On Soar Loughborough
    withdraw request
  • Discharge of Case 3 (facing materials and roofs), 4 (bat and sparrow boxes), 7 (border cures) and 9 (electric vehicle charging point) from the planning application 20/01932/FUL, 6 Grange Park West Bridgford
    Terms not discharging
  • Application for Reserved Matters under Application No. 13/02329/OUT for Approval of Access, Appearance, Layout and Scale of Roads and Ponds (Phase 3), Land Off Shelford Road Shelford Road Radcliffe On Trent – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Discharge Condition 4 (Plan In Phase) Planning Permission 13/02329/OUT, Shelford Road Farm Shelford Road Radcliffe On Trent Discharge conditions
  • Demolition of the existing pool building and construction of a new condominium, Shire Farm Flawforth Lane Ruddington – Application allowed (conditionally)
  • Interior and exterior alterations to the existing building, 2 Cotgrave Lane Tollerton Granting of consent is subject to the terms
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