Rushcliffe gets £820,000 of £9.5m in Council grants – see all schools in Notts

Nottinghamshire County Council has unveiled a large and ambitious £9.5m school infrastructure improvement programme.

Over the next two years, 23 primary and smaller schools will benefit from a multi-million pound investment from the Council’s School Building Improvement Program (SBIP), which was designed and delivered by the Arc Partnership, a joint project of the Council and SCAPE.

Every district or district of Nottinghamshire has at least two schools receiving infrastructure improvements, with all work due to be completed by the start of the 2024/2025 academic year.

Improvements for each school vary depending on the requirements – but the program includes replacing roofs, installing air source heat pumps, and upgrading lighting and electricity.

Cabinet member for Children and Young People, Chancellor Tracy Taylor, said: “This council is committed to having schools fit for purpose and the £9.5m School Building Improvement Program over the next two years will deliver these schools.

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“I am pleased that we have now laid out our plans to enhance the buildings of more than 20 schools across Nottinghamshire – every district or region will receive a slice of the investment from the programme.

“We pledged in the council’s ten-year plan to provide adequate school spaces and give parents greater choice, and modernizing our schools’ infrastructure will help realize this ambition.”

The Council is also investing in the construction of a new primary school in Rushcliffe and the expansion of two existing schools also designed and delivered by the Arc Partnership.

A £14 million investment in East Leake provides for a new temporary school, which opened in September 2022, and an entirely new permanent building, currently under construction, is expected to welcome over 200 pupils from September 2023.

The Council will use part of a £60 million allocation from the Department of Education to expand Newark Orchard School and open the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) facility at King Edward School in Mansfield.

Cabinet member for Economic Development and Asset Management, Chancellor Keith Gerling, said: “I am excited about the school building work we are doing in East Lake, Newark and Mansfield.

“The new East Leake Elementary School sponsored by the Spencer Academics Trust will be of great benefit to the village which has been joined by so many new families in recent years.

“I know that local parents will welcome our plans to expand Newark Orchard and support SEND students in Mansfield with a new provision at King Edward School.”

Dan Maher, Managing Director of the Arc Partnership, said: “SBIP will ensure that all students of schools in Nottinghamshire continue to benefit from an excellent learning environment, where they can feel inspired and supported.

“We are proud to work closely with the council to deliver its ambitious program and ensure that each of the projects provides real value.

“On completion, each school will be a real asset not only to the pupils but to the wider community as well.”

Full details of SBIP’s business and spending:

Arnold View Primary School (Gedling)£98,800 – Replacing malfunctioning gas boilers with equivalent high-efficiency gas boilers. The existing heat distribution system and piping are in good working order, so a complete decarbonization (gas replacement) project is not economically viable at this time.

Bramcot Hills Primary School (Prosto)£562,430 – Replacing roofs, including roof tile works. Install lighting controls, upgrade your existing lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm system. Replace existing fire barriers when needed and improve pipe insulation in ceiling voids.

Bunny Elementary School (Rushcliffe)£612,090 – Replacing the gas fired boiler with air source heat pumps and replacing all emitters. Replace existing lighting with a new LED, install new lighting controls for absence detection and replace emergency lighting. replace the roof

Butler Hill Infant School (Ashfield)£184,490 – Replace single sliding glass windows with aluminum double-glazed windows as existing windows are a health and safety concern due to window springs that fail to keep windows open.

Dalestorth Primary School (Ashfield) – £85490 – Replacing the gas boiler with a modern, energy efficient gas boiler due to the limited space outside the boiler room. Replace emergency lighting and general lighting with LED equivalents and install absence detection lighting controls.

East Markham Primary School (Mansfield)£417.130 It solves the problems of indoor humidity in the classroom. Replacing/repairing gutters and down pipes. Reset the bricks and stone. Apply breathable waterproof masonry protection to exterior walls. Remove and replace the inner grout. Remove the existing wall cavity system and dry line inner walls.

Halcroft School for Children (Mansfield)£133,210 Wireless fire alarm replacement for wired system, installation of automatic lighting controls, replacement of distribution panels. Install suspended ceilings when needed. Install fire breakers in ceiling voids when needed. Replacing a high-efficiency gas boiler.

Heatherley Elementary School (Ashfield) – £52,800 – Replace ceiling height parts and remove unwanted ceiling lights and tiles to solve ceiling leaks.

John Blow Elementary School (Newark and Sherwood)846,264 GBP – Replace the gas boiler with air source heat pumps and replace the accompanying tubes and emitters.

Kenolton Elementary School (Rashcliffe)£821,980 – Replacing the original ceilings with the new suspended ceiling system. Replace your existing lighting with LEDs. Replace tubes and emitters.

Morvern Park Elementary School (Ashfield)£640,930 – Replacement of ceiling beams, valleys, hip tiles, slate and flashing on inclined roofs. Install overhead insulation and replace the ceiling light. Replace the gutter and pipes with PVC. Upgrade all flat surfaces and ceiling lights

Northfield Elementary School (Mansfield) – £170,860 – Converting and renovating the kitchen from gas to modern electricity and eliminating ventilation problems associated with gas installation.

Orchard Primary School (Ashfield)£815,419 Ceiling replacement including roof tile work, lighting upgrade, wireless fire alarm system replacement for wired system and incorporation of works identified through site risk assessments. Replacement of flat roof covering and improvement of insulation. Replace the sloping roof with a new slat and reposition the ridge tiles at newer roof heights.

Phoenix Infant School (Jedling)£1,222,000 – Replacing flat roof coverings, replacing ceiling lights and improving insulation. Replace the cement cladding with elevations. Replace windows, exterior doors, facades, and furniture. Replacing the hall ceiling and installing new insulation. Replace the remaining old emitters and do legionella work.

Pinewood Infant School (Gedling)£85,340 – Converting and renovating the kitchen from gas to modern electricity and eliminating ventilation problems associated with gas installation.

Queen Eleanor Primary School (Newark and Sherwood)333,820 GBP Replace all heating and emissions tubes. Upgrade general lighting, emergency lighting, and install lighting controls.

St Annes C of E Primary School (Bassetlaw)£62,664 – Replace single sliding glass windows with aluminum double windows. Replacing the flat roof and improving the insulation.

St Peters C of E Primary School (Basetlow) – £478,210 – Replace the oil-fired boiler with air source heat pumps. Upgrade the current power supply. Replace all heat emitters, and upgrade ceiling tiles, general lighting, and emergency lighting when needed.

Stanhope Elementary School (Gedling)£237.510 Replacing the upper school roof cover and upgrading the insulation level. Replace your existing ceiling lights with polycarbonate triple glazed domes.

Trent Valley Infant School (Prosto) – pound132.510 – Make structural repairs to the concrete canopy that has eroded.

Basic Walkingham Replacement (Bassetlaw)£542,650 Gas boiler with air source heat pumps. Install emergency lighting in areas where it is not available. Install energy-saving lighting controls. Fire alarm system upgrade.

Woodborough Woods Elementary School (Gedling) – pound375190 – Replacing gas boilers with a modern high-efficiency equivalent. Replace all heat emitters and tubes.

Woodthorpe Infant School (Gedling)£228,100 – Converting and renovating the kitchen from gas to modern electricity and eliminating ventilation problems associated with gas installation.

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