[Samsung Smart Screen Experiences] ③ Regulate your beauty and stay healthy with Samsung’s 2022 screen set

In this third and final article, we’ll take a look at how the smart features and functions of the 2022 screen set allow you to express your beauty, manage your lifestyle, and even get smarter with workouts at home.

Match your smart screen to your lifestyle

Samsung’s range of displays, from the revolutionary QLED 8K range to the company’s proprietary lifestyle TVs, have not only always provided intuitive ways for users to enjoy their favorite content, but also innovative ways for users to express their own aesthetics and personalize their healthy journeys.

For example, Ambient Mode, first introduced in the 2018 QLED 8K, has redefined the parameters in which users can use their TV, allowing them to turn their screen into something beautiful even when they’re not watching TV. Furthermore, Samsung Health, a user-focused health platform that goes beyond fitness, revolutionized our TV experiences when it was introduced on Samsung Smart TV models in 2020.

With devices introduced in Samsung’s 2022 display lineup, this legacy of lifestyle management has been taken to the next level, with new displays now providing exciting ways for users to do more and smarter.

Enhance your beauty – using just your TV

The third option available on the Smart Hub’s intuitive interface for the 2022 screen, Ambient, allows you to enhance the aesthetics of the space in which the TV is placed. Whether you’re syncing your monitor display with the surrounding décor or making a bold statement with a piece of choice. Eye-catching art, Ambient lets you elevate your TV to be more than just a screen – and turn it into a true piece of decor.

Using only your smartphone and SmartThings, you can take a picture of the area around your TV which Ambient will then intelligently replicate on the screen to integrate the screen into your room with chameleon-level camouflage capabilities.

For those times when you want to make a little more statement on your 2022 screen, you can instead choose to browse the wide range of world-class pieces of art available on the platform to either show off your style or simply add a splash of color to your room.

Furthermore, thanks to an exciting partnership with industry-leading NFT platform Nifty Gateway, users can, for the first time in 2022, use Ambient as a one-stop NFT platform to explore and view all types of NFT digital artwork1 On QLEDs 2022 – a whole new way to collect and present artwork at home.

Take your workout to the next level

With Samsung Health on Samsung Smart Screens,2 Users can tap their screen to get greater insight when it comes to enjoying a workout class, track their fitness journeys and peruse the wide range of different exercise and wellness classes available on the app.

Now, Samsung Smart Monitor users can enjoy this same experience on their smart screen as well. Once you connect your Galaxy Watch4 to a Samsung 2022 screen, you can enjoy a complete view of your fitness stats on the big screen, including calories burned, heart rate and more, all in real time.

Furthermore, with Samsung’s Smart Trainer on your 2022 screen, you can enjoy more productive workout experiences, as you can choose to split the screen between the workout video you’re following and a live view for you to repeat the movements.

Let’s say you’re enjoying a workout with Samsung Health on your Samsung 2022 screen. During your workout, stats are pulled from your Galaxy Watch and displayed on your Smart TV so you can track your progress in real time. Managing your workout performance and personal wellness journey at home has never been smarter.

For more information on Samsung’s 2022 display lineup and its revolutionary smart capabilities, be sure to follow the Samsung Newsroom.

1 NFT service availability may vary by country or region.

2 Samsung Health availability may vary by country or region.

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