Sasha Bykov and Adam Cooper’s beachfront wedding in the Hamptons

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A “summer wedding at home in the Hamptons” might call to mind a few aesthetics: a serene palette of green and white, a floral arch in the backyard, and classic Americana. Not if you’re Sasha Bykov, the interior designer of the Millennium Aircraft Group known for her spacious, eclectic, and extreme style. For her August 2021 wedding to Adam Cooper, which took place in the house she built from the ground up in East Hampton, she enlists gorgeous event planner Bronson Van Wyck to help realize her vision of a beach rave celebration. Think melon, tangerine, and neon orange sorbet tones; chuppah covered with rainbow-colored ribbons; An innovative and experimental Mediterranean menu created by Israeli chefs Lauren and Daniel from LEV. Below, all the details about Sasha and Adam’s racy relationship, from Friday Night Saturday at Duryea’s in Montauk, to the bride’s custom Versace gown.

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Even though Sasha and Adam have known each other their whole lives—they went to the same elementary school in Manhattan and even the same college, George Washington University—it wasn’t until the summer of 2020, when Adam came to stay with her for a few days and ended up staying for two. A month, as their relationship developed. “It was love for the Covid virus,” Sasha says. “We were locked up and saw each other in a different light.”
Guests including Annabelle Dexter Jones, Hassan Pierre, and Hannah Bronfman kicked off the weekend with a sunset dinner at Duryea’s in Montauk.
Known for her ability to mix different styles in her interior design work, from 18th-century French and Italian Rococo to the space-age modernity of the 1960s, Sasha followed the same style in her custom Atelier Versace gown. Among the influences: John Galliano’s pink wedding dress by Gwen Stefani, Leticia Casta’s pink dress from YSL’s Spring-Summer 1999 collection, the 2007 Versace fashion show, and Mariah Carey and her butterflies.
Adam’s pajama look also came courtesy of Atelier Versace, a choice his future wife made for him that required some persuasion. “I wanted him to look like a beachy Adonis,” Sasha says. “He was very hesitant and unhappy at first but ended up loving him.” “It’s a constant joke that it’s my inspiration because I love to wear it.”
“It was the place where we fell in love and where we would build our lives,” Sasha says of the couple’s decision to exchange vows in her East Hampton home. And that was during the Covid period, so we felt like a wedding at home was the perfect idea.”
“Our chuppah was more than just an art installation,” says Sasha, who chose not to use any flowers to celebrate the natural beauty of their place.
Lauren and Daniel, the Israeli chef duo behind LEV, have masterminded a menu that includes freshly baked bread in a pizza oven, a crudo bar served in oysters, lambs grilled under a fire on the beach, a shawarma station, and a mosaic of vegetables. “We wanted an earthy, all-night Mediterranean kitchen that’s easy to eat, and plentiful for our guests,” Sasha says.
“It started raining in the middle of the night but it was just a twinkle,” Sasha says of her favorite moment of the night. “I hear good luck. It was kind of magical in a way so we moved the party to my barn where things got really fun.”
The couple embarked on a journey on the young moon to St Barth after their wedding and are planning a proper honeymoon in Southeast Asia.

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