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If there was anything obvious about my living room a month ago, it was that it needed a side table. I knew it well, and my friends didn’t hold back from telling me either. The truth is I’m lazy. Finding the perfect side table that was a good size, that would match my other furniture, was easy to build, and could be shipped to my doorstep seemed like a lot of work. Instead, I decided to struggle without a side table (as if that was the best option). I didn’t feel the need to finally get one after a year until I came across the Scandinavian Levity Side Table ($159). It ticks all the boxes: compact size, minimalist Scandinavian style, quality materials, and easy assembly. In the opinion of saying, “When you know, you know“I’m really He knew This side table was one.

What I love about the Scandinavian high side table

I’m very picky when it comes to decor, and when I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago, I was OK with leaving it bare in some areas until I found the right items. Of course, I wasn’t expecting a full year and a half before hanging pictures and getting side tables, but it does. I stopped getting a side table because I couldn’t find one that stood out to me. The direct-to-consumer market seemed to be the best place to watch, and when I heard that Levity was launching side tables (and coffee tables), I knew I had to check them out.

This side table took less than 10 minutes to build. Maybe eight, if I’m accurate. It was very easy, and it came with all the tools I needed to set it up. The package was light and convenient to carry stairs and during my stay Not Looking forward to the assembly process, this table was a piece of cake. I really like her expensive look.

What’s so noteworthy about the Scandinavian high side table

If you rent an apartment, you will likely love the size of this table. However, if you have a large sitting room, it is important to note that this table is fairly compact. It’s great next to a love seat or accent chair, but next to a large section, I think it would look out of place. It measures 13 inches long, 13 inches wide and barely reaches my knees.

Who is best for a Scandinavian side table?

Apartment dwellers, this side table is ours! It comes in a thin lightweight box and is easy to carry upstairs and through doors, plus it’s compact. If you have a small living room or a home in general, this table makes a great accent piece. It doesn’t take up much space but provides enough surface to place a small lamp or phone charger on top. Additionally, it comes with a removable shelf that requires no tools to remove.

Additional details:

  • The table is protected with a durable coating, so you don’t have to worry about dents, dents, grommets, or fraying.
  • This comes in two wood stain options: walnut (which I own) and white oak.
  • Made of high-quality rubberwood, oak veneer, and MDF, this table is built to last.

Editor’s Rating

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Haley Lyndes

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