Second Wave of Sales of NFT Land and Metaverse Investor NFTs Unveiled for Mobile Game MetaCity M

ChicagoAnd May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MetaCity M’s first syndicate open-world mobile game Gamamobi, which recently announced its global model, has revealed timing and pricing for the second wave of NFT virtual lands sales. Joining the exciting land sales announcement, a development update has been released that offers a glimpse into the Gamamobi metaverse for players ahead of release.

The Metaverse era is coming, the announcement of the second wave of NFT land sales history
After the first wave of land sales, there are already more than 10,000 Meta City m The owners, who provided valuable reviews from all over the world. next earth NFT Pre-sale will officially start on 00:00 EST May 10/ 23:00 CDT/ 21:00 Pacific Time employment May 9. Players will have the opportunity to capture a total of 60,000 plots of land on Titan, the world’s first planet Meta City m. Players can take advantage of Cryptocurrency to buy land (moist 0.17), however credit card purchases will also be available.

In “MetaCity M”, each plot of land held for the game is divided into 5 parts. With 12,000 plots of land owned by the game, 60,000 NFTs land investor certificates will be issued for players’ investment opportunities. Players can buy NFTs for 0.04 WETH or a credit card for USD 99. Players using a credit card can avoid the “gas fees” that cryptocurrency transactions require. Through the Land Investor NFT Certificate, players can earn “Meta Coins” in the game by utilizing a portion of the rent paid on the game land. With the NFT integration, the NFT Land Investor Certificate can be transferred freely in the secondary markets (the income benefits will also be transferred to the new owner). These certificates are sold in blind chests and give players a chance to profit from S-class land held for the game for huge potential winnings!

The most powerful NFT out there, “E-FLASH NFT” features real car and metaverse
Simultaneously with the second wave of sales of 60,000 landboxes, the game developer Gamamobi Will shoot a limited number of 20″E-FLASH NFTs“For the first time ever. All players who participate in the second wave of land purchases will have the opportunity to win”E-FLASH NFTAnd the winners get Metaverse E-FLASH Electric car and real car from Tesla Model 3.

Buy land to join the list of players to receive global model props in the limited edition game
After purchasing land during the second wave of pre-sales, players have the opportunity to own land in a city or town associated with Meta City m Global model, and even have the opportunity to become their neighbors. By purchasing land in the second wave of Meta City M Land pre-sale (land investor certificate not included), players will have the opportunity to get a limited edition model Under the title adornment. Which player buys a virtual machine Meta City m Earth can join the exclusive group of players who are given the opportunity to purchase a limited edition World Music Décor. In addition, an exclusive in-game sticker will be distributed to all owners Meta City m Free second wave land chests via airdrop. These items will only be available once, and eligible players can expect to receive their items within two months after purchase.

Seamless gaming/webpage virtual asset exchange systems enhance the MetaCity M metaverse economy
trade NFT . virtual assets and currencies Meta City m Connecting and preserving real value to the global economy metaverse. at “Meta City mPlayers can get Meta Coin from the game system through daily in-game missions and daily limited-time resource mines. This currency can be spent on resource mine tickets, medium to high level material production, land tax, land rental, And more. In addition to in-game materials, “Limited Edition IP and event items,” and the player can replace almost all other virtual items NFTs online vs meta coins.

Gamamobi will be released gamma coin WEB3 virtual currency, which will be a cross-platform currency for all games developed by Gamamobi. Players can trade gamma coin Meta Coin game currency through free online trading markets. This means that Gama Coin will be able to support transactions of all Gamamobi’s self-developed in-game virtual currencies through the WEB3 webpage, which will determine the value of virtual assets and facilitate cross-border transactions and exchanges for players.

With game development at its core, MetaCity M realizes the concept of a true metaverse crossover
at Meta City mEach planet has more than 1,600 cities, 690 second-tier cities, 55 first-class cities and a world full of adventure with more than 510 million square kilometers of land. Players can become neighbors with their friends and drive, walk, or board a plane to explore the world, or even explore other worlds via a spaceship! They will have the ability to mix and match their home designs according to their personal preferences down to the colors and details of doors, windows, walls and more.

One of the most exciting features of MetaCity M is that decorations can be player-made – whether it’s the appearance of homes, clothes, characters, furniture, cars, or even pets, players can craft them themselves and craft them into NFTs, with Gamamobi’s idea of ​​using NFT technology as a tool to protect virtual assets and international transfers.

Citizens can participate in urban development to create a first-class living experience in the city
Every resident of every town and city should participate in the development of the planet – to create a truly comfortable and convenient city, the contribution of each resident is essential. every city in Meta City m It will house public construction projects, which can be supplemented with joint efforts and contributions from citizens. These projects include restaurants, food trucks, airports, long-distance rail, municipal elections, recreational facilities, and more. The line between what is real and what is virtual becomes more blurred as the institutions that players know in the real world appear in the game, adding to the endless possibilities in the game. Meta City m.

About Gamamobi
Gamamobi He is a developer and publisher of mobile games with decades of experience in the field. Gamamobi The team has published countless games spanning several eras from online web games to mobile games. In the last years, Gamamobi Introduced the “play” element in various industries, the group E-Commerce The platform and offline advertising media platform is developed around game development and distribution.

In 2020, the team began developing “MetaCity M”: an open world game that helps create a new metaverse. MetaCity M combines the SocialFi experience with e-commerce, offline advertising, and multiple brands to deliver a complete virtual world content experience in real estate, automobiles, furniture, apparel, and entertainment. “MetaCity M” is expected to launch globally and officially enter the metaverse market in 2022 and hopes to change the public’s understanding of gaming applications and lead new trends in the world of groundbreaking games.

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