Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 2, Final Stars Nicole Scherzinger

end of the season Secret celebrity renewal You see singer and reality TV show judge Nicole Scherzinger planning a major home makeover for the grandparents who helped her believe in herself and achieve success, and splash screen He has an exclusive sneak peek. CBS’s intimate makeover show provides celebrities with an opportunity to give back to the people whose support has played a role in their fame. Past celebrities have renovated the homes of family members, friends, coaches, teachers, and even organizations like the Boys and Girls Club.

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Stars like Paula Abdul, Shaquille O’Neal, Jesse Tyer Ferguson, and others have changed the lives of the people who mean the world to them. for Secret celebrity renewal Season 2, some changes have been made, including survivor Legend and home improvement contractor Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano joins interior designer Sabrina Soto and host Nichelle Turner to help make home makeover dreams a reality. However, what has not changed is the joy on the faces of the homeowners when they see their newly transformed living space.

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Stream disguised singer Committee member Nicole brings Boston’s Rob and Sabrina to Hawaii, where she hopes to give back to her grandparents, affectionately called Toto and Papa, who ignited the former Pussycat Dolls singer’s passion for music and dance. Nicole’s goal is to make Toto and Papa’s home spacious and inviting, as well as easily accessible for the limited-mobility Papa. Although Boston Rob and Secret celebrity renewal The crew had fun in the sun while paddle boarding, and when it was time to go to work, they were ready to relive an amazing makeover at home.

splash screens exclusive clip for the upcoming Secret celebrity renewal The Season 2 finale gives a glimpse into the changes Nicole and the design team made to Toto and Papa’s home. The updated kitchen island created a more inviting space in the room, and a section of the island, lowered to wheelchair level, provides access to Papa. Nicole, Rob, and the crew are also seen replacing some kitchen utensils with a new fridge and stove that just barely fits. Chic steel appliances instantly update a kitchen, and lovable musician and TV star Nicole Toto and Papa are sure to be in for a surprise when their new home is revealed to them.

If the transformation of the kitchen seen in the preview clip is any indication of what the rest of the house will look like, viewers are sure to be stunned by what they see. Secret celebrity renewal He always delivers heartwarming stories and a great home renovation, and in the season two finale, viewers will have both – along with the spirit of Aloha. Nicole obviously cares a lot about Toto and Papa, and they will have proof of her love in their wonderful renovated island home.

The Secret celebrity renewal Season two airs Friday, September 23 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS

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