See University Park duplex apartment designed by Charles Delbeck

This is a unique opportunity to rent a historic property in University Park. This duplex along University Avenue was originally designed by legendary Dallas architect Charles Delbeck in the 1930s. Many of Dilbeck’s other works around Dallas have been recognized as homes of historical interest.

Part of the Stainback Luxury Residential portfolio, the Dilbeck Duplex has been completely renovated and updated. Residential designer Chris Owens of MCO Designs conceptualized the property in preparation for the upgrade. While the duplex has new bathrooms and kitchen spaces (among other updates), Owens said his goal is to “preserve the charm of Dilbeck’s architecture.”

Duplexes are 4,172 square feet with one unit on each level. Both units have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and nearly identical floor plans. In addition to the two bedrooms and two bathrooms, they both have full kitchens, a breakfast area, a dining room, a living room, and a study. Many of the details in the interior are original, Owens said, like the lattice window in the upstairs living room, fireplaces and some built-in bookcases.

1/9Take a look at 4102 University Blvd. In University Park. This is the second half of the Dilbeck Duplex, a renovated duplex originally designed by architect Charles Dilbeck in the 1930s.(Courtesy of Stainback Organization)

“The living room on the second floor is a magical space,” Owens said. “The floor plan of that house was indicative of the 1930s style, which means it was very fragmented. Really, our goal was to open up some of that, and make it more of the open floor plan that most people tend to have nowadays.”

The duplex is located at 4100 and 4102 University Blvd. In University Park. If you’re driving along Preston Road, you’ll see the story book-like house right around the corner.

One of the units will be available for rent early this summer. The exact price has not been determined but it will be around $8,000 per month, according to a Stainback representative.

This is part of luxury properties Series, offering a glimpse into beautiful homes in North Texas for those who love to look at homes. It is not paid for or offered by real estate agents or companies in the area.

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