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Temporarily – it’s almost Halloween. If your desire to scatter your home and garden with gargoyles, pumpkins, and cobwebs has already begun, you’re in luck. Walmart has a huge selection of Halloween decorations available right now, from cute seasonal squishmallows to bone bags.

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Check out our picks below for Walmart decor inspiration.

1. Squishy gourd

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Squishmallows are one of the best toys out there, but they can also make a great Halloween decor, especially if you’re decorating a child’s bedroom. Squishmallow pumpkins come in classic orange and black and feature a Jack-o-lantern face, as well as a pumpkin stem.

$50 at Walmart

2. Witch cauldron fog machine

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Perhaps the most classic and ambient of all Halloween decorations, this magical cauldron also works as a fog machine, releasing a creepy mist from inside that is lit with glowing LED lights. The boiler comes with 12 different LED color options and sprays water to create a mist flow.

$20 at Walmart

3. A skeleton friend to hang out with

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

What’s better than a five-foot skeleton decoration for Halloween? This Hanging Hanging Skeleton from Way to Celebrate is great for scaring party guests and trick-or-treaters alike. Reviewers noted that the skeleton was a great value for the price, and many people liked its lightweight design while decorating.

$35 at Walmart

4. Giant inflatable forest scene

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Complete with an owl, this inflatable haunted pumpkin and ghost tree is perfect for preparing your yard for trick-or-treating this year. Stretching seven feet tall, the chassis is water-resistant and features LED lights for night vision. It’s also easy to set up, with a self-inflating base you simply need to make sure it’s near an outlet.

$60 at Walmart

5. Huge spider web for your home

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

One of the best parts of Halloween is probably one of the best parts of Halloween, and this sprawling spider web can be connected to your groceries—what more could you ask for? This decoration is great if you have a lot of indoor ground to cover, or want to turn your garden into for Halloween.

$19 at Walmart

6. A spider can be placed on the above-mentioned web

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Your new web needs a resident spider. This posable spiderweb ornament is covered in soft black fur and comes in seven different sizes, from one foot to six and a half feet of the finest spider. Set it up in your yard, or hide it around your house to scare your family and friends.

$6 at Walmart

7. Bat stickers for Halloween show

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

They are frickin bats. If you’ve ever wanted to get creative with your holiday decorating (or follow any home decorating influencers on Instagram), you’ve likely seen an arrangement of these festive bat stickers. The smallest package comes with 80 individual bats in different sizes, and the adhesive is durable and reusable, so if you store it carefully, you can take it apart for your next scary party.

$9 at Walmart

8. A structural bucket to display your candy

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Having a candy bowl is crucial this Halloween, whether you’re serving candy to yourself or to the neighborhood. This little skull bowl is minimalist enough not to clash with all your furniture, but also intimidating enough to suit the season. If you plan to reuse it when the holidays are over, just make sure to wash it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

$8 at Walmart

9. Useful Jack-o-lantern decoration

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

If your Halloween taste skews more from a scarecrow than a skeleton, you can go rustic with this wooden tabletop pumpkin ornament, which is wrapped in a bow of grasswood fibers and measures six inches high. Reviewers said this was a great option if you’re building a Halloween display on shelves or a mantel.

$3 at Walmart

10. Phantom Serving Tray

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

If you’re a fan of Louis Zhong’s adorable ghost choir videos, this might be the dish for you. The 9-inch ghost tray is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with a shallow lip to prevent spills, great for parties if you plan on preparing snacks to serve your guests.

$10 at Walmart

11. Spiderwebs to cover every surface

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Sometimes Halloween decorating is all about making your space look creepy or older. These muslin cobwebs are perfect for draping over almost any surface in your home, and they extend up to 16 feet of coverage. If you plan to cover several bushes outside, or larger furniture, you may want to have more than one package.

$9 at Walmart

12. Season Neon Banner

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Some people just don’t like doing their best to decorate for Halloween, and while we can’t relate, we’re here to help. This neon-style sign is perfect for the modern family, with muted white and yellow lights and large lettering. The signal is wired, so be sure to place it near an electrical outlet.

$20 at Walmart

13. Some crows for every roof

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Crows can be year-round decorators, depending on how often you use the Addams family home for decorating inspiration, but they tend to pop up around Halloween. This pair of crow brackets come with bendable wire feet, so you can attach them to balustrades, fences, gourds, or the back of a chair.

$16 at Walmart

14. A classic set of witch feet

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

With classic striped stockings and crinkle-toed boots, this wall hanging witch for indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration says “hello” on one side and “witch’s in” on the other. Recommended by reviewers because of “hocus pocus Vibes: “So if you’re planning a Sanderson-inspired vacation, you might want to add it to your list.

$11 at Walmart

15. A bag of bones

Spooky Halloween decorations you can shop at Walmart.

Who does not need a bag of bones? This mesh bag is filled with soft plastic bones, including the skull, hands, feet, and more. You can empty the bag and scatter the bones as part of a holiday display, or hang it from the ceiling or rafters like a terrifying balloon—the options are endless.

$12 at Walmart

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