Should you pay friends who help you relocate?

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Moving can be very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, so you may be tempted to ask friends to help you with the process. But before you even ask that question, think about how to do it in a way that doesn’t put them off. You should also consider how they will pay for their time, whether that is in cash or through another appreciation token.

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GOBankingRates spoke to Joy Weaver, protocol and etiquette expert, for her best advice on how to approach relationships and the financial aspects of getting friends into your move.

Do not put your friends immediately

Don’t ask the question, ‘What are you going to do on Saturday?’ “Obviously this puts people on the spot because they don’t know if you’re about to ask them to help you with a scary move or if you’re about to invite them to a fun party.” “The appropriate way to extend a verbal invitation is to simply let the person know the details of your plans, and gently ask them to come back with you after checking their calendar. This gives them a chance and prevents your friends from feeling pressured to do something they might not want to do.”

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Give lots of notifications

Instead of making this request to your unsuspecting friends, tell them your moving plans beforehand.

Give ample notice,” Weaver said. “Your friends are more likely to say ‘yes’ to help you move if you asked at least a month in advance.”

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Instead of offering to pay in cash, treat your friends with food and drink all day long

Although you don’t have to pay an hourly fee to your friends to help you move around, you should make sure you take good care of them throughout the day as a way to show your appreciation.

“Several days in advance, send a fun text message or fun email to all friends to help you get moving and let them know the details,” Weaver said. “Include your arrival time, the snacks you will serve throughout the day, and dinner plans afterward. This will remind them of their commitment and verify that they are still on board with your movement.”

You should express your gratitude again on moving day.

“Even before one box is moved, make a special announcement for everyone to say their sincerest thanks,” Weaver said. “Also tell them you serve the best coffee, drinks, and snacks on the go and dinner after you move. Relay the details.”

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Send a gift card after moving

“Write a thank-you note to everyone for helping with your big move,” Weaver said. “Add a petrol gift card to pay for the fuel they used, or a gift card for their favorite coffee shop or café.”

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Bring your friends to your new place

Another way to show your appreciation is to treat your friends over to dinner once you’re all settled in your new home.

“Invite these very loyal friends to dinner and show them the fruits of their labor,” Weaver said.

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Return the favor

One of the best ways to pay a friend to help you move is to do the same for them.

“Be the first to reciprocate when your friend needs your help to get moving!” Weaver said.

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Last update: October 27, 2021

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