Six luxury homes in Druid Hills for sale in the newly built Frederick Trust Enclave منطقة

luxury home builders Philip Clark Yesterday, August 18, they are now offering six homes for sale in A Druid Hills pocket known as Frederick Trust. The property features a historic mansion as well as four newly built houses located in a canopy Olmsted Linear Park Along avenue south of Ponce de Leon. The six properties will share a lush pedestrian-lined park as part of a condominium consortium that will also preserve the exterior and lawns of each property, creating a luxurious, maintenance-free community.

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Homes will start at $1,500,000 for a newly built, free-standing facility. The newly built homes will feature four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms in an interior space of 3,400 square feet. The two annexes to the mansion will feature sweeping staircases, stained glass windows, large chandeliers, and other unique historical touches that reflect the property’s heritage.

The property is located between Ponce de Leon Street and Northeast Clifton Terrace Street, a few blocks west of Clifton Road NE. Located just steps away from Shady Side Park, is a narrow section of the historic Olmsted Linear Park that runs along South Ponce De Leon from Briarcliff Road NE to just before Artwood Road NE. It is within walking distance of Drud Hills Golf Club, Fernbank Museum, Candler Park and the Freedom Park Trail that links Atlanta Beltline East Side Trail.

Philip Clare“Preserving the cultural and architectural history of not only this home but the historic property and neighborhood has been our goal,” said k, founder of Philip Clark Custom Builders. He continued, “The integrity of the palace has been preserved through careful and respectful restoration, ensuring its beauty, grandeur and dignity for future generations.” Since 1976, builders have built more than 500 homes in the Atlanta area, averaging $1,500,000 to $3,000,000, according to their website.

The adjacent Linear Park and property share Frederick Law Olmsted as his namesake, the famous 19th-century landscape architect who designed many of the most beloved public spaces in the United States, including Central Park, Prospect Park, and the United States Capitol. Druid Hills and the adjacent Linear Park were one of his final commissions before his death in 1903.

Real estate is marketed by Compass Development Marketing Group, who are hosting a garden party on Tuesday, August 24 from 1-4 p.m. for potential buyers. Interested parties may visit to inquire and respond to the invitation to celebrate. A video tour of the property can also be found here.

Photo: Frederick Trust
Photo: Frederick Trust

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