Southern Lake District Council’s latest planning applications

Here are the latest Southern Lake District Council planning applications.

Pebble dash removed and replaced with a K-rend in antique white, Elm Rise 26 Black Dyke Road Arnside. Mrs. Elizabeth Cheslet Davy.

Single storey rear extension extending 4.60m (externally measured) behind the rear wall of the original house with a maximum height of 3.70m (externally measured from natural ground level) and a maximum height of 3.60m to eaves (measured externally), Longley 3 Lane wagon, Grange over Sands. Mr. M Winder.

2 storey side annex and 1 storey back extension, 2 Blackthorn Gardens, Grange Over Sands Sands. Mr. and Mrs. Hull.

T-1, beech, lowered the crown by 2.5 meters. T-2, Copper Beech, carrying out pruning work to remove cross branches and raise crown for lower branches up to 2.5 m above adjacent garage, 1 Eller Raise, Kendal. to Mr. Brown.

Two-storey back extension, 34 Le Meade, Kendal. Mr. Stuart Peacock.

Change of Use of the Retail Unit (Use Class E) to sit and administer computer-based driving theory exams on behalf of the DVSA (Use Class Sui Generis), Unit 2a Westmorland Shopping Center, Kendal. Reed’s partnership.

First floor extension over existing one-story store extension and detached garage residence, 2 Hawesmead Avenue, Kendal. For Freezer Whitehead.

Timber-framed garden and landscape studio, 16 Kentrigg, Kendal. Neil Gord.

Change of use from a store (use class E) to a drinking establishment (use class Sui Generis), 55 Finkle Street, Kendall. Mr. Ronnie Mullen.

Locating Temporary Farm Workers Accommodation (Reintroduction SL/2021/1199), Cross Peak Farm, Watergate, Kirkby in Furness. Mr. Robert Long.

Converting and Converting an Existing Mixed-Use Building to a Residence with Associated Works, Shepherds Mill, Levens, Kendal. Mr. Michael Broome.

Change of use from Hair Stylist (use Class E) to Fast Food Takeaway (use Sui Generis Class) (Retrospective), The Watercloset, Moor Lane, Flookburgh. Mr. Kevin Hodge.

Large Ripe Cherry – Reduces long limb growth toward home by about 2 m to appropriate branch thorn, 2 Hopefield House, Lowick Green, Ulverston. Ms. Bianca Hanlon.

Installation of 15 roof-mounted solar panels in 3 outbuildings, Bridge House, Old Houghton, Kendall. Mrs. Leslie Williams.

LBC, Installation of 15 Roof Mounted Solar Panels in 3 Outside Buildings, Bridge House, Old Houghton, Kendall. Mrs. Leslie Williams.

Demolition of existing one-story garage, bungalow residence, one-bedroom annex building, 12 Beach Bank, Ulverston. For Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Melanie Gifford.

Discharge from Case 9 (smell check) attached with planning permission SL/2019/0146, Land at Booths, Oubas Hill, Ulverston. For McDonald’s Restaurants Limited

Discharge from Case 3 (Contamination) attached to Planning Permission SL / 2020/0558, Glaxosmithkline, North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston. For Mr. Darren Athersmith – GlaxoSmithKline.

Suggested forage pit and water collection yard, SD 2773/1178 ULVERSTON. Mr. Thomas Postlethwaite.


OFFICIAL NOTICE With 28 days’ notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Act Regulations 2017 (as amended), remove the existing 12.5 meter pole and replace it with a 20 meter steel pole which will support 6 antennas, 1 GPS unit and a repositioned 0.3 meter E dish metres, land north of Boarbank Lane, Allithwaite, Grange-over-Sands. PN TEL PA required and more information.

Separate dog day care building, Sea Shell Cottage, Rosbeck, Ulverston. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Minnick. Granted with conditions.

Building stone (retrospective), Tithe Barn, Barn Garth, Cartmel. Mr. Gordon Woolley. Retroactive – granted with conditions.

Application for legitimate certification to demonstrate substantial start-up of business has been carried out in connection with planning permission SL/2018/0253 (identification of 20 fixed vacation units to replace 20 touring courses), Beetham Caravan Park, Hill, Milnthorpe. About Mr. Craig Russell – Westmorland Caravans (Beetham) Ltd. Grant.

Converting basement garage into more accommodations as well as an extension to the front of the property to accommodate stairs and the new main entrance to the property, Carpe Diem, Greenodd, Ulverston. David Brillie. Granted with conditions.

LBC removal of back chimney to prevent moisture ingress, Victoria Hall, Council Office, Main Street, Grange-over-Sands. city ​​clerk. Listed Building – Grant.

Oak (T1) – Returns the bollard to the previous bollard points. Ash (T2) – Returns Pollard to previous Pollard points. Ash (T3) – drops to ground level due to Ash Dieback diagnosed by the tree. Leyland Cypress (T4) – Reduce tree size, reduce tree height and spread up to 3m. Cherry (T5) – crown minimization, reduction in the height and spread of the tree up to 3 m. The yew (T6) shortened it and shaped it into a ball as it grew into an already existing Robinia. Olive holly (T7) – pronounced fallen tree (Storm Irwin). Laurel x2 (T8) – Minimize and pose. Holly (T9) – He fell. It grows through an existing path and has no relevance value. Ash Sapling (T10) – Fallen due to Ash Dieback diagnosed by arborist, 54 Kentsford Road, Grange-over-Sands. Mrs. Pauline Mann. I do not mind.

T1 – Ash Tree – Fall recommended as heavy ash marks recede in it and holly tree tangles with ash. Holly is in bad shape. T2 – maple tree (house side) – recommended to fall due to impact on the wall T3 – yew tree – reduce and prune back from the wall T4 – holly – for fall (weak sample) T5 and T6 – yew trees – 30% reduction and reshaping of the crown plus lifting T7 – Holly to fall (grow through yew trees), Fernhill, 7 Fernhill Road, Grange-over-Sands. Jimmy Ling – J&J Tree Care Specialist. I do not mind.

Cedar – 30% Canopy Shrink, Crown Thin, Crown Raised and All Dead Wood Removal, South, Eden Park Rd, Grange Over Sands. Mrs. Allison Morgan. I do not mind.

New agricultural building to store machinery and forage, land west of Milnthorpe Road, Holm, Carnforth. Mr. Charles Stewart. PN AGBU PA is not required.

Two-story and one-story rear extensions, 8 Natland Road, Sedgwick, Kendal. Mr. Sam Tisdale. Grant.

Non-material modification request after planning permission has been granted SL/2021/0780 (One Floor Side/Rear Annex), 7 Castle Close, Kendal. For Mrs. K Levene. Grant.

Non-material modification application after planning permission has been granted SL/2021/0506 (Front Extension Single Floor), 5 Castle Road, Kendal. Mr. Mike Valgate. Grant.

Change of use and conversion of existing office space (use Class E) to residential (use Class C3), 2nd Floor 24, Market, Kendall. to Mr. Hogarth. Granted with conditions.

Two-story side extension, one-story rear extension and front porch extension, 31 Underley Avenue, Kendal. to Mr. John Hyland. Granted with conditions.

Demolition of a one-story garage and construction of a two-story side annex, 6 Stone Cross Street, Kendal. About Mr. Ben Monaghan. Granted with conditions.

Bungalow front extension, 28 Larch Grove, Kendal. Mr. James McLoughlin. Granted with conditions.

Bungalow front extension, 30 Larch Grove, Kendal. Mr. Steve Parker. Granted with conditions.

An elevated deck area in the existing courtyard allowing better disabled access to the Sports and Social Club, Netherfield Sports And Social Club, Parkside Road, Kendal. For Ian Heath. Granted with conditions.

Change of use and conversion of existing office space (use Class E) to residential (use Class C3), 2nd Floor 24, Market, Kendall. Hogarth. Listed building – granted with conditions.

Drainage Case 12 (Surface Water Drainage) attached to Planning Permission SL/2019/0841, Former Courthouse, Burnside Rd, Kendal. For Sir Damian Ashbrook, Churchill’s Retirement Life. Partial discharge of terms.

Official notice of 28 days notice pursuant to Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Act) Regulations 2017 (as amended) for the installation of fixed line broadband electronic communications equipment, opposite 4 Castle Rise, Kendal. For Daniel Lancaster, Floyd Viper. PN TEL PA is not required.

Anterior wall erection (retrospective), 14 Buck Lane, Kendal. Mr. Philip Taylor. Retroactive – granted with conditions.

One-story rear extension, new door opening for south elevation, replacement windows, 4 new skylights, roof-mounted solar panels and interior modifications, Copp Cross, Kirkby-in-Furness. Mrs. Mary Carter. Granted with conditions.

Installation of an interior strip of matte black solar panels on the existing slate roof, Ghyll End, Kirkby-in-Furness. About Mr. and Mrs. Walden. Granted with conditions.

Detached summer house, 46 Meadow Wood, Levens, Kendal. About Ms. Lilian Aldofani. Granted with conditions.

Installation of lamp base box under Schedule 6 Royal Mail Statutory Rights of Postal Services Act 2000, Ellithwaite Rd, Flukeburg, Grange Over Sands. PN TEL PA is not required.

Outside Storage Building, Hearst Bank, Ulverston. Dr. Jerry Murray. withdrawn.

Change the use of agricultural grassland to create 18 challenging caravan and caravan stands. Installation of 3 luxury log cabins, tent camping pitches, conversion of the existing log building into a utility building, indoor track and parking. Package processing unit and drain field. Landscaping with trees and shrubs of native species, Holmescales Farm, Old Hutton, Kendal. To Matthew Robinson. Granted with conditions.

Draining Conditions 3 (Exterior Materials), 4 (Roof Panels) and 5 (Surface Drainage) from Planning Permission SL/2012/0504, Owert Bridge, Milnes Lane, Crooklands. Disclaimer of Terms of Mrs. Rachel Fawcett, Atkinson & Fawcett Development Limited – Approval.

Official Notice of 28 Days Notice of Notice 5 of the Electronic Communications Act Regulations 2017 (as amended) for the installation of a 1 x 9 meter light pole, Stock Farm, Scalthwaiterigg, Kendal. For Daniel Lancaster, Floyd Viper. PN TEL PA is not required.

Drainage Conditions 4 (Building Method Statement), 6 (Surface Water and Wastewater), 7 (Antiquing), 8 (Contamination), 15 (Hard and Soft Landscaping) attached to Planning Permission SL/2021/0067, Old Brewery, Brewery Street Ulverston. For Mr. Matthew Mayvers, the approval of Caterkwik Holdings Ltd. on unloading.

Extensions and modifications to include exterior raised decking with polished handrails, Bayfield Mowings Lane, Ulverston. Mr. John Wilcock. Granted with conditions.

Providing new parking space within a tenement pile, new drive-by access on the edge of the lawn and new downed sidewalk at Hawthorn Avenue, 1 Chestnut Grove, Ulverston. Mr. R Mellor. Granted with conditions.

Remove and replace existing window with French windows, Apartment 1 Springfield Mansions, Springfield Road, Ulverston. by Graham Crabtree. Granted with conditions.

Proposed expansion and rebuilding including new ground floor office and storage extensions, new storage box store, first floor roof terrace extension and 6 new ceiling lights within the existing pitched ceiling, Citrus Lime Ltd, Lantern House, The Ellers, Ulverston. Mrs. Samantha Rhodes. Granted with conditions.

Bungalow side and back extension, 82 Kennedy Place, Daltongate, Ulverston. For Stephen Bagel. Granted with conditions.

Separate Wooden Garden Room, St Mary’s Hospice, Ford Park, Ulverston. Mrs. Katie Millard. Granted with conditions.

Remove and replace existing window with French windows, Apartment 1 Springfield Mansions, Springfield Road, Ulverston. by Graham Crabtree. Listed Building – Grant.

Raised front lawn excavation, laying natural sandstone paving with grade adjustments, 48 ​​Sunderland Terrace, Ulverston. to Ruth Gregg. Listed building – granted with conditions.

Official 28-day notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Act) 2003 (as amended) for the installation of 1x DSLAM Equipment Cabinet in Oil Green, O/S 48 Priory Road, Ulverston. For BT PLC. PN TEL PA is not required.

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