S’pore is looking for a personal assistant to the CEO and the tasks include ensuring that the CEO sleeps at certain times

When we search for jobs, the first impression we get from any recruitment company definitely comes from listing them first.

What is the salary range? What is the scope of work? What are the requirements?

Now imagine that you were looking at a job listing for the Personal Assistant to the CEO/Founder of Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinfloww Exchange, and you would see this:

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Excuse me, but do you hire a maid or are you looking for a wife?

When “personal” becomes too personal

Whoever wrote the employment notice must seriously doubt his CEO’s ability to meet his basic needs, because apparently everything About his life needs to be managed.

Washing and packing luggage seems natural enough; Sometimes your boss may need an extra suit, or there is an emergency business trip to attend.

This happens in novels frequently, and is probably true to some extent in life.

But he has to make sure of it Three meals a day with specific nutritional requirementssAnd the Take vitamins, nutritional supplements, fruits and nuts to make sure of it sleep on time

It’s starting to look like you’re caring for a little kid instead.

The only thing missing is “making sure the CEO showers every day”, but who knows what “completing other daily tasks as needed” includes anymore?

Perhaps one day the PA will be invited to the CEO’s house to clean their toilet and mop their floors as well.

Most disturbing in the description is the fact that the Palestinian Authority needs it remember CEO to carry out pending tasks and he supervise on They completed them.

At this point, the CEO’s sole responsibility may be to pick up the pen and sign the line indicated by the PA.

Even better, perhaps the PA will have to be like Trump’s aides, having to make video presentations to get their president’s attention for extended periods of time.

Seriously, just ask the CEO to get a Google Calendar for his daily schedule, the reminder system is so much better than a human alarm.

But there is more

No matter how insulting the tasks may be to both the CEO and the future PA, there is still the usual scope of work for the PA to do.


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Everything seems normal until the fourth point which states “Be sure to book CEO meetings on time, and then remind them correctly up to 3 times, as per standard operating procedures”.

Question: Is the three times for the CEO or for the other party?

Regardless of whom the reminders are addressed to, the recruiter must worry about the state of his memory, such that he cannot remember something even after it has been repeated twice.

Even restaurant reservations remind customers only once.

Also, what is Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) like, do they have a complete guide just to deal with the CEO alone?

But the scariest part of the job listing will go into the requirements.


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Ah, the writer seems to realize that the PA is actually working as a maid.

Except that it is worse than being a maid, because you need to be under the supervision of the CEO and call you at all times.

If that’s not enough, the candidate should preferably “has no family or personal commitments” – no life outside work – because being a CEO is a CEO who – which A waste of time, it seems.

When the candidate signs the contract, they sign practically all their time and life.

It is better if the salary is worth it.


And while visiting a new country or city once a month seems like an exciting opportunity, it’s at the cost of never having a fixed address.

It can also get tired if you travel frequently.


As many netizens have said, perhaps the company should try hiring a nanny for the CEO instead.

The nanny will ensure that the CEO will eat, sleep, exercise, and complete all his chores on time. They are masters at arguing with people.

Either that, or find a domestic worker agency to hire a maid. They will find it easier to accept the latter half of the job description.


Let the management professionals do what they are supposed to do, instead of piling menial tasks into their workload just to save some money.

Moreover, if the PA has to be around the CEO almost 24/7, this is a violation of the maximum working hours and overtime stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower.

Work-life balance is very important.

Surprisingly, 160 people have already applied for this job, despite the description.

Good luck for the future PA.


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