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Whether you define yourself as an aficionado of brutalist architecture or a minimalist Scandi glamorous, the SSENSE sale has everything you need to dress up according to your favorite design and architecture aesthetics. Although this season has been filled with big discounts from the likes of Amazon, Target, and more, SSENSE’s summer sale selection is always one of our favorite things to shop for. With items now selected at a whopping 70% off, we decided to take the opportunity to share some of our favorite non-home finds that still pay tribute to the gorgeous exterior and interior designs. After all, nothing will help you transition to fall like something special from Jacquemus or maybe a new pair of Maison Margiela Tabi shoes.


Some Balenciaga sneakers, simple silver jewelry, and maybe a wrinkled leather bag should get you on your way to emulating your favorite brutal structures. Featuring graphic, neutral, monochrome lines and a heavy concrete design, this no-frills aesthetic is perfect for minimalists who still make a bold statement with their looks.

Givenchy Black Mini Pandora Crinkle Bag

Balenciaga faded sneakers

44 Label Group Black Emil Bomber Jacket

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Rick Owens DRKSHDW Gray Cotton Hoodie

Pearl Pre-Pig Polished Silver Ring Band Spliced


Victorian architecture includes the particularly ornate style that originated during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. Defined by its strong emphasis on detail and ornamentation, the Victorian aesthetic is rich in materials such as detailed brocade, luxurious silks and jacquard prints, and style clothing It is the perfect way to honor. If you can find a suitable tufted lounge period or a large staircase for a suitable photo shoot, all the better.

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Miaou Blue Ginger Mini Dress

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ERL SSENSE Exclusive Gray Silk Blazer

Maison Margiela Tapestry green tabby shoes

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Y / Project Transparent Melissa Edition Point Loafers

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Acne studios gold and blue heart shaped earrings

art deco

The Art Deco movement rose in popularity in the United States and Europe during the 1920s and 1930s, influencing styles of art, decor, fashion, and construction throughout the time periods. Even today, iconic structures like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the Chrysler Building still define the New York City skyline. Dressing up Art Deco is all about the details – think fun geometric designs like chevrons, zigzags, pyramids, and more. This Marine Serre embossed glass top with Far loafers from SSENSE has to be on your way.

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Marine serie multicolored cotton jacket

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Jacquemus Multicolour “Lee T-Shirt Gelato” T-Shirt

Wells Red Adidas Originals Edition Bonner Jacket

By FAR Black Norman loafers

Acne studios multicolor face socks


Although industrial architecture is rooted in functionalism, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. Durable denim, cotton canvas and rubber lug soles are subtle yet complementary gestures to this style of architecture, which implements elements including open floor plans, high ceilings, and materials such as concrete, brick or metal. To incorporate a diligent feel into your wardrobe, we recommend looking to contemporary brands like Carhartt WIP, Levi’s, and Camper for updated workwear pieces.

Carhartt work in progress green Detroit jacket

Brain Dead Pink cotton pants

Traktori . CamperLab black and white leather boots

Paloma Catalina Yellow Wool Shoulder Bag


The Bauhaus was born out of post-World War I Germany with the goal of assembling fine art, design, technology and architecture into functional living spaces that followed a less is more mindset. With an emphasis on simple but still eye-catching pieces, we don’t think you can go wrong with these geometric-minded and Bauhaus-Ian accessories from Jacquemus, Staud, and Amina Muaddi.

Nike Pink Therma-FIT Hoodie ADV

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Ottolinger recycled multicolor polyester leggings

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Jacquemus “Le Bomba” black bag

Shirley Staud Bag

Amina Maadi blue glass wedge sandals


Postmodern architecture originated in the 1960s, espousing bold design and freedom of expression. In the same way that postmodern architects revamped old-school design techniques, we believe these elevated fundamentals follow the same mindset. Adding these textured Basquiat sneakers, reworked Agolde jeans, or a three-way convertible handbag should give any vintage outfit a postmodern look and feel.

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Blue Agolde Cut Out Jeans

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Acne studios multicolored multicolored silk scarf

Marine Siri 3 Way Handbag and Muir Black Scarf

Converse Jean Michel Basquiat Chuck 70 Black Sneakers

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Meteor sandals in black and white blue and white


Scandinavian style has been trending lately (just ask TikTok), and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re in the mood to decorate your home in bright, minimalist style, look no further than pieces like the iconic Arne Jacobsen egg chair, Gustaf Westman’s curved mirrors, and all things (vintage) IKEA. And luckily, getting dressed to match any Scandi-chic interior is easy with brands like Tekla, Acne Studios, and Ganni in the mix.

Tekla Off-White Organic Cotton Pajama Shirt

Norse Projects Big Anderson Pants

Ganni . Multicolored Cotton Check Collar

Acne Studios brown wool logo scarf

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By Far Orange Baby Amber Shoulder Bag

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