Stunning desert estate with private zoo will cost you £20,000,000

Planes, pools, and plenty of space (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

Are you looking to buy a place with plenty of outdoor space and unique features? Well, this may just be your property.

The luxury Casa de Shenandoah, a 36-acre ranch outside of Las Vegas in the United States, has hit the market for $25 million (£19.9 million).

Formerly owned by artist Wayne Newton – who has been nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas” for decades – this property comes with a slew of interesting perks and features.

The main mansion has three bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, and there are seven additional homes on the property – so it’s perfect for hosting huge parties.

Inside, the lobby features a butterfly-shaped staircase in white and gold with a marble floor, adding a touch of quaint Vegas. But outside is where the extravagance really comes to its limit, as the property has a very massive jet station, allowing planes to park next to the house.

OTT or glam gorgeous? (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

The perfect setup for the big ball (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

It doesn’t get more Vegas than this (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

There is also an automobile museum – which can display up to 100 vehicles – with seven double doors as well as seven stables for horses. And if that’s not enough animals to your liking, there’s also a zoo on the property – which once housed exotic animals.

Adding to the luxurious nature of this property, the new owner will also be welcomed with a game room and tennis court for some time.

Perfect (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

the airport. Of course (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

The zoo used to house the exotic animals (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

Despite its grandeur, opinion on Facebook was divided after photos of the house were posted online.

One Facebook user said: “I feel like this is the kind of property that Joe Exotic dreams about while sitting in prison.”

The property houses an additional seven properties outside the main palace (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

Do you like to swim? (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

More space than you might know what to do with it (Photo: Jam Press/Zar Zanganeh/The Agenc)

Another user commented, “This is going to sound weird, but that sounds like a bargain for that much property.”

Another added: “The water needed to keep all that grass green in the middle of the fresh desert…maybe a few million a year!”

The property is not currently for sale, but was previously listed in February 2022 for $24,995,000.

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