Stunning three-story container house perched on a hillside (with plans)

In the shipping container houses category, let’s go to Stockholm to discover an original model created from 8 cargo containers. These large, high-capacity metal boxes were assembled on steep ground near a lake on the outskirts of the Swedish capital. Architectural firm Måns Tham Arkitektkontor had no other choice when it came to installing containers, as it was forbidden to blow up the ground to build a slab. So it is the piles that welcome this wonderful home like no other. The slope of the terrain made it possible to obtain a larger surface on the upper floor than the plinth. Discover this original container house.

A home adapted to the terrain

The architect used it because it was not possible to build a slab Natural land to support construction. This house is owned by a couple with three children who they built partly by themselves. We can see that the base is built on columns that support the structure, and that The floor lies on the valley, straight from the back. You should know that the shipping container should not be stripped from its original structure too much, because the more material you remove, the lower the resistance of the structure. So it required a great deal of ingenuity to succeed in designing a structure of this size with initially 2.4m wide containers.

Image credit: Grafton Architects / Photographer: Nick Kane

Decoration based on recycling!

In this family, the husband works in a demolition company. He is also passionate about vintage cars and mechanics. So the decoration was made with Reuse and modify recycled materials. Most of the elements are metallic as well (stairs, shelves) and mention the industrial aspect that the couple appreciate. Other materials used in interior fittings also come from Recovery from demolition sites. This is for example the case of a staircase, part of a kitchen unit, metal panels or even wood panels.

straight line layout

As in all houses of this style, Optimizing space is critical. This house consists of eight containers that can accommodate a couple and their three children because the design has been carefully thought out. The couple even managed to install a guest bedroom. On the first floor, they designed a living/dining room with a balcony and stunning views of the landscape. The bedrooms are located at the back of the house, and rocks protect them from external climatic events.

container house plans
Image credit: Grafton Architects / Photographer: Nick Kane

The upper container has two functions and is more intended for children of the family: on the one hand, two monitor children’s scales, and on the other, skylight lights up the house Full. Finally, it is possible to enjoy the surrounding nature thanks to the small metal bridge that starts from the upper level and leads directly into the neighboring pine forest. Thanks to the large steel columns on which the house is anchored, rainwater can flow in without risking the structure.

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