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It’s summer, and for the diligent professionals in the utility services planning and construction department, it’s construction season. With fewer students and faculty on campus and fewer opportunities for weather delays, contractors can work quickly and efficiently to complete projects without disrupting most classes and events.

There are several exciting projects in progress this summer including the completion of the Gateway Parking complex, expected to open this winter. Ninth Street reopened after the completion of the bridge connecting the new garage to the main campus. To the north, the parking lot is also being remodeled, modernized, and car shifted between Cain Hall, utility services, and Leifson Physics. This will include a new ADA track appropriate to the front or west side of the William J. Raggio Building.

Additional track and facility improvement projects are being undertaken south of the Lawlor Events Center and east of the Wiegand Fitness Center. Travel routes are also being cut briefly to install a car gate arm between Palmer Engineering and Davidson Math & Science and to restore floors around the John Mackay statue on the Quad. Building 058, the old utility services building, is undergoing a major renovation as well.

Other significant construction projects this summer include the continuation of campus-wide 25 kV electrical and metering system upgrades. Mackay Stadium is also undergoing track and new lawn repairs, Lombardi Recreation Center is undergoing locker room renovation and classroom updates, and a beautiful new memorial at the corner of 9th Street and Virginia Street is nearing completion. Various classroom upgrades, HVAC system upgrades, and office remodels complete the extensive summer construction roster.

The university is not the only entity located near the main campus that is currently under construction. Many private developers are building student housing just outside the university. Those new complexes include east of the Gateway Motor Complex and on the west side of Virginia Street. Traffic patterns can be modified as these projects approach completion.

Summer is easily the busiest time of the year for his team, notes Corey Jennings, construction services manager.

“Summer is the most appropriate time for our team to minimize the impact of disruptions on the campus community while increasing productivity. With nearly 50 active construction contracts on our campuses and on satellite sites, we are certainly busy. But this is something we plan strategically, helping us meet deadlines. critical finality and achieving our financial goals,” Jennings said.

For those faculty, staff, and students enjoying our beautiful campus this summer, please excuse the dust and noise as contractors prepare buildings and grounds for the fall semester. The Facilities Services team is delighted to welcome the upcoming first year and return students to the changing and growing landscape of our main campus.

The university currently has 16 construction projects in progress this summer.

The full list of construction projects around the campus includes:

  • Benefit work in the purchasing department
  • Grass replacement and track repair at Mackay Stadium
  • Various private (non-university) student housing projects along Virginia Street
  • Renovation of the walkway near Lawlor
  • Facilities work at EL Wiegand Fitness Center
  • Remodeling of a car park and sidewalk near Edmund J. Hall. Cayenne
  • Renovation of the Schulich, Leifson and Alchemy buildings with bricks.
  • Building renovation 058
  • Replacing windows at Lincoln Hall
  • Restoration of the paving walkway in front of the Mackay statue
  • Installation of a new traffic gate near Palmer Engineering
  • Demolition of the information booth near Morrell Hall
  • Installation of wireless internet access near Manzanita Bowl
  • Installation of a new memorial on 9 . Street
  • The 9th Street was previously closed to the construction of the parking gate complex
  • Private (non-UN) student housing along Evans Street.

Facilities Services prioritize the safety and comfort of the campus community and send email notifications of construction activity to those who may be affected. For information about building notices, visit the Utility Services Notices webpage.

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