Surfside apartment experience as it was and as it fell apart

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Surfside apartment collapse: one year later

One year ago, the small town of Surfside became a disaster area when the collapse of the Champlain South Towers claimed 98 lives. Survivors, families of victims and residents say they will never be forgotten.

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Editor’s note

Six months ago, when the Champlain Towers South suddenly collapsed, killing 98 people in Surfside, Florida, the Miami Herald sought to tell the full story of the tragedy and its profound impact on the Miami community. As a local registered news organization, we were there on the first day, throughout the search and rescue operation, and every month after that. We paid tribute to the victims and told stories of how they got to the apartment on June 24. Our coverage included the history of the Canadian developers behind the project, detailed problems with the building, and revealed the turbulent pasts of engineers, architects and contractors who cut corners, covered ongoing litigation, provided critical context for legislative efforts, and shed light on the city, as an unorganized building management official told Residents once reported that the stricken tower is in good condition. Powerful images provided daily by Herald photographers and video journalists depicted beyond words alone as they told the story of a community that came together first in search of hope and later through shared grief.

As part of a forensic investigation into potential causes of the building’s failure, the Herald reconstructed the collapse from witness testimony and other records and worked with engineers to review building plans to identify weaknesses in the original design. Investigative reporters worked with Dawn Lehman, a professor of engineering at the University of Washington, to research what went wrong and test theories about the origins of the collapse using advanced computer modeling.

The Herald’s latest reports have been submitted to federal investigators through the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and are used in their ongoing efforts to identify the root cause, or most likely causes of failure.

This interactive article is available to everyone. It is a public service to those affected by this tragedy in our community and beyond. We’re here to cover the stories that matter most to you and our communities, and to produce exceptional journalism, often under challenging circumstances. To support our ongoing exclusive reporting, animation, and production, please consider subscribing to the Miami Herald. Your support will help you invest in the future of robust and effective local reporting.

—Monica Richardson, Executive Editor of The Miami Herald

This story was originally published December 29, 2021, 11:21 p.m.