Sweet Magnolias Star Joanna Garcia Swisher Home Decor Line with HSN

Faith Danielle Photography

sweet magnolia Superstar Joanna Garcia Swisher has partnered with HSN to give us the best Maddie Townsend certified home décor line.

Launched May 9, HSN Clover by Jo includes a variety of home décor products, from baskets to bed linens to planters and more. The entire line is all set for spring, with inspiration for a timeless and versatile style with plenty of feminine touches. “I’ve always been drawn to beautiful colors and rich textures,” Garcia Swisher told us. “This line has it all plus a great mix of natural touches.”

And if we do say ourselves, the pieces are 100% Maddie Townsend certified. “Well, in real life, my goal is to shower Brooke (Elliott) and Heather (Hedley) with all that Clover Joe has to offer,” said Garcia Swisher. the citizens. “But if we’re talking on screen, I think Maddie will find a place for all the items in our line.” We can totally see sweet magnolia A character stores her couch-side fringed throw in a seagrass basket and adds fresh hydrangeas from her garden in this hooked planter. And these mercury glass eggs would be perfect on the front table of the spa. Although the pieces are new, they carry the patina that feels comfortable and livable in, all exuding a Maddie Southern farmhouse. “I hope our plots feel like they were and will be a part of your home for a long time to come,” she says.

Garcia Swisher’s decision to partner with HSN was easy. “I feel very fortunate to have our partnership with HSN,” she told us. “I’ve been a long-time customer with great faith in the quality of their products, so I knew everything we created was going to be beautiful. And I felt so supported because they helped guide my vision into a truly proud and hopeful line that will bring so much happiness and beauty to the homes our products will live in.”

You can shop the entire line at HSN’s website, but feel free to click “Buy Now,” because these pieces will fly off shelves faster than Dana Sue can lift her signature margaritas.

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