Taps are flowing as potable water returns to nearly all of Gibraltar

The Gibraltar government said only two areas remained without water on Tuesday evening
The Sanctuary confirmed, just past the old casino site, and the upper area of ​​Gardiner’s Road, the taps still running dry.

It comes after days of widespread water shortages in areas of Gibraltar following last week’s tunnel fire near the AquaGib reverse osmosis plant, in which AquaGib staff provided water bottles to those affected.

Over the weekend, water began returning to areas across Gibraltar, and on Monday water returned to the upper city.

The government said it has instructed AquaGib to refocus its efforts in ensuring the provision of potable water tanks for the two areas involved.

But despite the return of water supply to homes, the government has advised the public to continue to “conserve water consumption” until stock levels in AquaGib tanks increase.

“Nearly 600,000 liters were imported from Spain today and discharged to the pump in Hesse
The government said.

“This is another increase from yesterday’s figure of just over 500,000 liters and AquaGib will help ensure the continued supply of drinking water to households across Gibraltar.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the government said AquaGib is doing its best to speed up this process with “nighttime restrictions on water being a critical factor in this”.

Water has been restricted across Gibraltar from 11pm Tuesday to 7am today with this measure
It is reviewed daily at the Strategic Coordination Team meetings.

The government said that “restrictions also continue regarding the use of non-essential water”.
“It is important to note that any activity seen in connection with cement mixing is not conducted with AquaGib water.”

“This is being procured from abroad by the private entities involved and assists in the broader effort to reduce the amount of water used in Gibraltar at the present time.”

Earlier this week, the government offered bathing facilities at Eastern Beach and
He left the Tercentenary gym for members of the public without water.

On Tuesday, the government suspended bathing facilities at the eastern beach for affected families
It decided to continue only with the existing facilities at Tercentenary Sports Hall (TSH).

The government said this was due to reduced demand as a result of the successful restoration of water in most areas of Gibraltar.

TSH is accessible from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Another meeting of the strategic coordination team to deal with the water outage is scheduled for tomorrow at midday, when an update will be issued after the meeting.

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