Teen Bedroom Ideas: Easy and Affordable Upgrades

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Teens spend a lot of time in their rooms, so it is important that their bedrooms reflect their current taste. However, they are also constantly reinventing themselves, and love to follow trends, which can mean that they often ask for a change in their teen’s bedroom design. If you are looking for some teen bedroom ideas that won’t break the bank while also indulging their desire for a cool bedroom, we have found some easy and affordable ways to update their room decor.

Whether it’s a small bedroom or a large dorm room, skip the big bucks on expensive decor, and try some of these cheap teen bedroom ideas instead.

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1. Create an accent wall

Solid walls are not enough.

Painting is messy and expensive, and what if your child’s favorite color scheme is black? This is totally a statement and it can look great – or not. Peel and stick wall decor. If the idea of ​​sticky wallpaper reminds you of contact paper, let me tell you, I’ve come a long way.

When I remodeled my office, one of the best things I did was create a gold accent wall. I didn’t have to hire someone to hang the wallpaper, it was finished in less than an hour and when I get tired of it all I have to do is peel it off.

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Black wood wallpaper completely changes the aesthetic appearance of the room. Faux wood panels add antique feel, and a simple black and white herringbone design adds sophistication.

It depends on the size of the room, but most reviewers claim that only two to three rolls of wallpaper will cover a feature wall. If you have Amazon Prime, your teen can get a whole new bedroom design by the end of the week.

2. Apply metallic accents

No need for a complete makeover when you get these handy stickers!

Another way to add a touch of elegance to your teen’s room is to use acrylic wall stickers. Available in gold or silver, they can be stuck to walls, furniture, doors, or just about anywhere.

This set comes with 24 individual pieces which should be suitable for most projects. Best of all, if they want to remove the mirrors or put them elsewhere, they can easily do so without damaging the wall.

Get Set of 24 Greek Key Pattern Mirror Acrylic Wall Stickers on Amazon for $9.99

3. Hang a photo collage

Friends and memories deserve their special place.

Umbra products are great because they combine style and functionality. This collage holder measures 30 inches, has five rows, and comes with 40 wood clips. Whether your teen is pinning pictures of his friends, displaying artwork or cutting tickets, this enables him to easily share his favorite moments in a great way.

There is also an option that includes fairy lights to make their room feel more comfortable.

4. Add a vowel

What would your teenage son say about this?

These battery powered white plastic letters hang on the wall or stand upright. Choose the first letter of your child’s name, the initials of his name, or spell out a word that is meaningful to him. Each letter is approximately 9 inches long. Do you have two children sharing a room? Get each letter set of their own to define their personal spaces.

For a modern look, opt for rattan lettering. They are available in sizes from 5 inches to 12 inches. Also known as a cane belt, this is a great choice for teenage girls or boys who love the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

5. Write messages on a cinematic light box

Get the popcorn!

Another room idea similar to monograms, a movie light box can add personality to your teen’s room as well. Available in multiple sizes – small, medium or large – this magnetic light box comes with 190 letters and symbols including emojis. Use the remote control to switch to any of its ten colors.

Just be careful: you will need to purchase batteries or a USB plug separately.

Get the Cinema Light Box on Amazon for $19.99

6. Use neon lights

Some glowing colors to match your teen's personality!

These days, no teen room is complete without neon lights. Lightning bolt screams teen rage, comes in four colors, and will make their room pop. It is 14 inches long, and you can use it with the batteries or the included USB connection.

There are also plenty of other neon sign options available in different bright colors, including the handwritten “Love” sign available in two unique handwriting styles, as well as hearts, clouds, and planets. Combine a few of them to create a unique space.

7. Attach LED strips

Get the popcorn!

Install LED lights under teens’ beds, around windows, on shelves, and anywhere else their imagination leads them. The LED strips not only change colors with the touch of the remote control, but also automatically sync to the beat of the music.

They claim that you can choose from 16 million color options, which means they will match any color palette, and there should be enough options to satisfy the exact tastes of any teen.

Get Govee Color Changing LED Striplights on Amazon for $15.29

8. Add a bedside shelf

This phone needs a place to rest.

Most teens not only spend their days connected to their phones but also keep them close to them while they sleep. This highly rated bedside shelf sticks to the wall in seconds, giving them a place to store not just their phones but iPads, remote controls, and other essentials. It is especially ideal for children who have bunk beds and want to store their devices and other personal items separately.

Get the Easy Eco Life Bedside Shelf on Amazon for $13.99

9. Make their desks portable

Working in bed is now possible thanks to this option.

A movable desk is a great option if your child likes to do their homework in bed. This one comes in fun colors, and fits a 13-inch laptop or iPad. Includes carry handle and padded bottom.

UGG covers are popular with adults and teens, and can be used to prop up your iPad or Kindle while reading in bed.

10. Framed stickers

Frames add more character to both the poster and the room (especially if it has a cat!).

Artistic prints that you can download are an easy (and quick) way to change the look of your teen’s room. Plus, at just a few dollars per dollar, you can create a fully framed gallery wall for your teen without spending a fortune. Whether your teen wants something sarcastic or a classic art print to add a pop of color, there’s plenty to choose from on Etsy.

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