Tesla Cybertruck gets another crazy camping model perfect for the outdoors

The Tesla Cybertruck has attracted another crazy modification from the third-party company Space Campers, which has developed a “wedge-shaped” camper perfect for the great outdoors.

Built from space-grade vehicles, Space Campers have developed the wedge design to last a lifetime, with all the accessories most suitable for a weekend getaway in the wilderness. The new Space Campers modification integrates the Cybertruck for complete access to the pickup bed, without sacrificing any aerodynamic advantages and maintaining the vehicle’s sleek design. It’s equipped with electrical outlets, dimmable lights, induction hob, portable cooler, and water heater, among other accessories, all compatible with the Cybertruck battery pack.

He even outfits a Murphy-style bed that not only preserves the interior space, but also allows the owners to have a great night’s sleep. It wouldn’t be your average night in a tent, that’s for sure. The bed is large enough for two people and tucked away to provide enough standing space, and it features detachable hinges to become an outside table. Extensions can be installed to create benches or worktops, and a canopy built into the design protects the wedge from inclement weather while maintaining an open space to enjoy nature.

“Drag anywhere and set up camp in minutes. With the flip of a switch, pneumatic actuators use the onboard Cybertruck compressor to easily open or retract the trolley. It’s ready to go when you are, whether it’s a trip on the coast or a lunchtime nap.”

The company said in a product press release that the Space Campers wedge designed for Cybertruck will also allow for unlimited customization with plug-and-play accessory kits that can be installed at any time with regular household items. Replacement parts will be available online for straightforward repairs, should something go wrong.

Your Cybertruck spacecraft will include:

  • All season tent with windows and convertible canopy
  • Reducing the canopy poles to form the canopy
  • Telescopic lock bars for secure roof support
  • Manual flip of the backrest on the bed
  • Side wall compartments for storage and organization
  • Integrated steps for easy access to the bed (from each side)
  • Over-cabinet storage compartments (upgradeable to kitchenette and wash via accessory kits)
  • Indoor and outdoor LED dimmable lights
  • Independently detachable and dimmable reading lights
  • Keyless locking mechanism for advanced security
  • Air pushed detachable murphy bed platform
  • 4″ Memory Foam Mattress
  • 120V, USB, and 12V/24V outlets
  • L-track ceiling runner
  • Multifunctional bed accessory (Quantity 2) that doubles as tables and chairs
  • Foam insulation throughout construction to eliminate condensation
  • Built-in roof steps (on each side)

It’s not the first Cybertruck camping mod on the market, as both Cyberlandr and Loki Basecamp hit the market shortly after the Tesla Pickup was unveiled in late 2019.

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The Cybertruck’s Space Camper wedge will be available upon commissioning early next year, Tesla estimates. Pre-orders are already accepted at SpaceCampers.com, with early bookings securing priority. It costs less than $100, and the presale price is currently listed at $24,000 before upgrades, which are currently limited to Stainless Steel Armor “for durability and heat protection.”

Space Camper wedge for pre-order pricing for the Tesla Cybertruck (via spacecampers.com)

Other accessories sold separately will include camp kitchen, bathroom and shower accessories, roof and solar accessories, insulation and rest accessories. The company said it has plenty of additional ideas in its research center and will be available for free purchase and installation in the future.

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Tesla Cybertruck gets another crazy camping model perfect for the outdoors

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