The all-new Toyota Innova Cresta will look like this

Development work has begun on the all-new Toyota Innova Cresta, with the MPV test mule spying in Southeast Asian countries and even India. Just like the way the Innova Crysta appeared with a completely revolutionary design over its predecessor, a next-generation version of the same model is also expected to follow. Here, we got our hands on the design rendering, which gives a hint of what the next generation of Innova Crysta will look like.

A YouTube video shared by Shahrukh Khan Designs Shows what the next generation of Innova Crysta might look like. The overall design silhouette looks like that of a test mule that has been spied recently several times. This new design makes the Innova Crysta look taller and sleeker than the current version of the MPV.

Innova Crystal to become more elegant

Starting from the front, the styling design shows that the Innova Crysta got sleeker headlights, which are now more angularly positioned than before. These headlights look as if they come with LED headlights and LED daytime running lights in an L shape. What’s also evident in the design rendering is that the front bumper air dam looks large and has slim-looking LED fog lights in the lower corners of the front bumper. .

This styling of the Toyota Innova Crysta features elegant-looking chrome trim that starts at the edge of the headlight and goes to the corners of the rear windshield, across the window’s waistline. On the D-pillar, this chrome trim becomes slightly thicker, to give the MPV the effect of a floating roofline. The rear quarter glass has a triangular design towards the back.

The door panels look softer, and unlike the current-style doors for sale, they’ve got a soft-looking curve to them, which juts out from the front fender and extends all the way to the edge of the taillight. Below the square wheel arches are the 10-spoke gray alloy wheels.

To the rear, this design of the Toyota Innova Crysta features a wide rear flap, which accommodates the square fuel filler cap. The side panels of the rear window are finished in gloss black, while the rear window here gets a roof-mounted rear spoiler. The taillights here look like all-LED units, which have more rounded extensions toward the rear fenders. The rear bumper appears to have a sporty look with reflectors installed on the corners.

The new Toyota Innova Crysta will take a while to come here, and it could be launched here any time in the first half of 2023. Like the current model, it will continue to offer petrol and diesel engine options with 6-speed manual and automatic transmission options. .

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