The average home in the county of New London is selling at a higher price year on year

The median sale price for a single family home in the county of New London during February was $295,300. That’s a 9.4% increase compared to February 2021, according to a local USA TODAY network analysis created using data from

On an annual basis, prices have continued to rise for 21 consecutive months. February prices are down from $300,000 in the previous month.

The number of homes sold increased by 10.3% from the previous year. A total of 139 homes were sold countywide during the month of February. During the same period the previous year, 126 single-family homes were sold.

The median sale price in Windham County for a single-family home was $230,000, down 8% from the previous year. On an annual basis, prices began to fall. About 59 homes were sold in February, down 33.7% from the previous year.

Real estate sales can take weeks or months to be recorded and collected. This is the most recent data available through for the USA TODAY Network.

The median sale price of condominiums and townhouses in New London in February was $186,000. This number represents an increase of 5.7% year-on-year. About 27 were sold, up 8% from the previous year.

How hot is the real estate market in New London County, Connecticut?

Information on your local housing markets is available through the USA TODAY network, with more data from

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