The Complete Real Estate Team: How a Realtor Can Help You

Marietta, Georgia –

The Marietta-based Complete Realty Team (CRT) in GA provides professional assistance to their community with all of their real estate needs. As its name suggests, the agency specializes in providing a personalized service that includes every aspect of a client’s real estate interests. Learn more here: Agent Near Me.

CRT’s first commitment is to its clients, and their team has a wealth of experience working with people with varying degrees of exposure to the real estate industry. As such, they are able to seamlessly implement plans according to the client’s wishes or provide a range of options in case the client needs further assistance. In the latter case, the Complete Realty team also strives to give them all the context they need in order to make informed decisions that best suit their interests.

The agency says: “If you want to sell or buy property in Cobb County, your best course is to come to us. You will find the assistance of our team invaluable no matter how many homes you have bought or sold in the past because we apply the latest technology in every An intersection is possible to give ourselves and our clients an edge. Furthermore, we understand the value of the human touch, and you can always expect us to be willing to have a frank discussion with you about your options.”

REALTOR® Ken Mandich is headed up by the full Realty team, which originally entered the industry by renovating and selling homes. His extensive experience in this regard means that he can now identify and track market trends with relative ease, a skill he has had to master long ago as an independent investor. He has also been personally involved in closing deals throughout his career and now uses this expertise on behalf of the agency’s clients.

With Mandich’s guidance, the team is able to work with clients of almost any background, and they begin each relationship by taking the time to understand what the client hopes to achieve. Whatever their priority, CRT will count them as their own, whether it’s speed, profit, or even a hassle-free experience.

The agency explains, “We don’t chase short-term goals, we strive to build long-term relationships. A large part of our business is based on referrals and returning clients as a result, and we are very proud of that fact. Our community has recognized that we truly have their best interests, and they can count on us.” To aggressively assist them in achieving the results they desire.”

Mandich has also invested heavily in expanding his team’s knowledge of digital marketing. CRT says an unfortunate number of real estate agents still rely solely on Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get their clients’ properties onto the market, but that’s not the only reliable way to do it. In fact, with the right leverage, social media can often prove to be a much more capable tool. The Complete Realty team says that their goal here is simply to find a serious buyer, and they will use every means at their disposal to do so.

In fact, homeowners looking to make a sale in the near future can get started by simply visiting the CRT website. After providing some details about the property on the agency’s sale page, they will receive an estimated value of their property in less than 24 hours. While this number is by no means intended to be entirely accurate, it often serves as a learning playground estimate for those who wish to consider their options. To get a more accurate number, the customer just needs to contact the team directly, and their agents will take over from there. A similar simple mechanism can be found on the agency’s purchase page as well.

Anyone looking for a REALTOR® in Marietta that can simplify the real estate process needs to look to the Complete Realty team. Buyers, sellers and other interested parties are welcome to contact Ken Mandic or any other member of the CRT team to inquire about their services.


For more information on Complete Realty Team, contact the company here:

Full Realty Team
Ken Mandic
(404) 410-6465
[email protected]
Full Realty Team
1642 Powers Ferry Road #150
Marietta, GA 30067

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