The county will pay more than initially thought to renovate the OUP

Lancaster – The cost of renovating a building at 12941 Stonecreek Drive NW on the Ohio University Pickerington campus to house some Fairfield County offices could be $600,000 more than the original estimate of $1.2 million.

“We’re all disappointed with that,” Commissioner Steve Davis said. “By the same token, we’re testing what others are up against right now. It’s hard to get contractors who have time at the moment. We only got one bidder on this project. Material prices are going crazy. So you kind of have a perfect storm right now.” Because of very tight contractor supply, labor supply and material prices that are escalating rapidly.”

The county plans to close the $2.75 million purchase this fall. In the meantime, it has a use agreement with the OU over the property.

The county will resubmit the project for $1.8 million after the architect originally estimated the work at $1.2 million. New bids are due to return on May 20. The single bid originally received by the county was just over $2 million. Revised Ohio and Municipal Code prohibits awarding a bid with more than 10% of the estimated cost.

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