The couple takes care of the “secret garden” with loving care

Take a break from all that seasonal weeding and trimming to gather ideas from the efforts of others at upcoming events like the Northville Garden Walk on July 13. Homestyle has previewed one of the iconic locations that will soon be in full bloom. Known as the Secret Garden, the vast site is the work of an avid gardener who poured her heart and soul into the private property behind her home.

When Jodi and Robert Brown first bought their Northville apartment 30 years ago, they weren’t quite downsizing. Instead, the now retired couple will expand their footprint to accommodate visits from their children and grandchildren who live out of state. “We wanted to make space for everyone,” says Judy, a former artist and art teacher who also needed more space for creativity.

Layered displays add charm to the perennial garden filled with statues and concrete planters that have been added and cared for decades.

But the thought of moving from a wooded plot of their former home in Plymouth to no garden at all made Judy cry. “Gardens enhance property value and bring a lot of satisfaction to people,” she says.

Her emotions will lead to a creative solution. “The only reason I started this garden was because I was crying so much,” my husband said, “Stop it. Says Judy, who has obtained permission from the property’s previous and current owners to move forward with the project on the estimated two-acre site.

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