The Cricket Kindness project continues to make progress in Antigua and Barbuda

Cricket Ambassadors, Sir Richie Richardson and Antigua Sports Commissioner Colin James donate a kit to JT Ambrose Primary School

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by Karlina Knight

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For many, cricket is a passion they play, a job, or even just a sporting event they love to watch on the big screen.

Some gather around the radio to listen, or even travel to different countries as part of the fan base. But for Tamara Lowe, her love of the game has gone far from being an avid fan.

Lowe, who was born in Australia, started the Cricket Kindness Project as the charity Cricket for Children in the Caribbean in early 2016 in her then home in Sydney, Australia. Through that humanitarian initiative, it provided cricket equipment to underprivileged children across the Caribbean, Sri Lanka and the South Pacific.

“The Cricket Kindness Kit recycling program ensures that expensive bats, helmets, liners, balls, gloves, sneakers and apparel, with plenty of clothing, does not end up in landfills, where they are outdone by children and teens,” he said.

“We are always happy to accept the new cricket kit that has also been replaced – things that have been left redundant due to changing sponsorships and advances in technology.

“As a humanitarian with a lifelong passion for cricket, I founded the Cricket Kindness Project to address the shortage of high-quality cricket equipment for Caribbean youth, recognizing the profound and positive impact the sport has on people and societies,” explained Lowe.

She said, when asked about the inspiration behind the project.

To date, more than 60,000 items of sports equipment and uniforms have been supplied to underprivileged cricket-loving children and adolescents worldwide, and in Antigua and Barbuda specifically, more than 9,500 items have been provided in 37 elementary schools, nine high schools and eight university teams. talented people.

Several schools, such as Five Islands Primary, Old Road Primary, Irene B Williams Secondary and Villa Primary have received several donations on more than one occasion.

“We are in the process of completing public schools across Antigua and Barbuda that will receive cricket goodwill donations in the coming weeks, and later this year.

“So far, I can tell you that we will be donating to Old Road Primary School, Antigua Grammar School, Villa Primary and Golden Grove,” Lowe said.

A teacher at Villa Primary School revealed that since the first donation, students have “used the equipment well” with many of them moving on to play for cricket teams as they transition to secondary school.

Not only will Lowe be back in the country to donate more collections, but she will also be hosting a wholesome dinner next week.

“The Kindness Cricket Dinner at Catherine’s Café in English Harbor on Tuesday, March 8 will raise funds to help the Kindness Cricket Project continue to accomplish our mission of supporting underserved Caribbean communities with cricket gear,” she told the Observer.

“We look forward to having many people come to dinner right after the logs on day one of the West Indies vs England Test at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium,” Lowe added.

She hopes to one day expand the Cricket Kindness Project to help communities in need with educational resources for school and college students, and fund school breakfast programs.

Residents are encouraged to support the noble cause.

Tickets can be purchased at or by logging on to

The three-course dinner and welcome cocktail begins at 6:30 pm with special guest Sir Vivian Richards.

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