The curtain reveals the Andrew Henry Interiors Green Show Home

The team at Andrew Henry Interiors showcased their innovative approach, resulting in the creation of a beautiful, sustainable show home. The ambitious project in the new carbon-neutral development of Newland Homes in Tickenham highlights how designers can curate gorgeous spaces that promote environmental awareness. Enriched with smart designs and an array of eco-friendly credentials in every room that highlight the challenges facing our environment, the stunning showcase house represents the design teams’ first eco-friendly project and enhances the joy to be found from recycling and using sustainably sourced products.

Creating a unique and beautiful home, Andrew Henry Interiors put time and care into the project by incorporating recycled pieces, sustainable materials, and ethically sourced furnishings. Lead designer on the project, Lucy Thorne, commented, “This project was revolutionary, not only for our team but also for the broader industry to prove that show homes can be sustainable and stylish. This is a topic I am passionate about, so I was thrilled to head this project and apply my knowledge sustainability, while developing Andrew Henry Interiors’ offering. We all need to play a role in preserving the environment and the design industry can play a major role in protecting it.”


The team at Andrew Henry Interiors chose neutral shades for the majority of the home, creating a clean, elegant feel, and introducing a striped backdrop to the spacious hall for added depth. Lucy comments: “Every piece of furniture around the house has been researched and approved to ensure it has green credentials. In the lounge, we added stunning light gray sofas made from a fabric called Rolefin which is produced through a waterless process, and can even be recycled Seven times that, it contains no harmful chemicals and has an incredibly low carbon footprint.”

The lounge also has mango tree wood furniture, which is collected once the factory stops producing fruit. The rustic blue pillows and extra soft furnishings are handcrafted from recycled plastic yarn, and the rug has been produced using jute made from the jute plant. Showing the depth of her knowledge, Lucy explains: “Jute is completely biodegradable. The plant grows quickly and without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, this material is renewable and sustainable.”

Lucy continues: “We felt it was important to have a good balance between sustainably sourced products and secondhand sourced furnishings to show the different ways people can be more environmentally friendly. The sideboard and bookshelf were sourced from local reclamation yards and recycled to create Beautiful accent pieces. A luxurious burgundy armchair was sourced from Facebook Market, unifying the look and providing a cozy reading nook.”

Two rotating mirrors in the lounge are from an ethical UK-based company, while the remaining design elements are either used or produced using recycled materials such as recycled glass. The artwork used includes a large gold-framed photo of a misty landscape purchased from a charity store. Lucy adds: “This unique feature is actually a photo taken by a local lady who wanted to share the fun she had from the lot.”

Kitchen / dining room

The design team really focused on showing the originality and care that shaped the design in the kitchen/dining room. Innovative details including cruelty-free vegan food products, recycled glass jars, and matching jugs from Glastonbury’s reclamation yard dot this space. Lucy adds: “The desk assembled in-house by our team is the hero of the dining area and consists of an old door from Glastonbury Reclamation and some used serrated legs.”

The dining chairs and office chair are produced and sourced by ethical UK based companies, along with the shoe bench is dyed with a water-based solution making it non-toxic to the environment.

Lucy’s comment: “This room is exceptionally bright and airy and we wanted to harness that fresh feeling throughout the room. We balanced the room with wood elements like the beautiful table and matching bench, which were purchased from a company that grows four trees each cut one.”

1 bedroom

The design team created subtle themes in each bedroom to show different elements of the climate crisis. The master bedroom showcases sustainable luxury, featuring a gorgeous rustic-colored headboard made of recycled polyester and yarn. The pillows and window treatments are also made from recycled fabrics, while the artwork and full-wood frame mirrors are secondhand from charity stores and reclamation yards. To provide continuity, two wooden bedside chests of drawers and an over-the-bed shelf are made of sustainable wood. Organic bed linen, lamps and lighting features are all from ethical UK based companies.

two bedroom

This room features a bespoke bespoke wall made up of dramatic dark wallpaper with contrasting florals of pink and dark blue, complemented by several wooden furniture. Two bedside units and a stunning double wardrobe made of sustainably sourced create the perfect storage as well as balance the statement wall color tones. The trendy wood chair was taken from the Facebook Market and updated with a fresh coat of paint in a calming shade of gray. As with the first bedroom, the bed linen is organic, the furnishings are sustainable, artwork and mirrors are from reclaimed yards.

Three bedroom

The third bedroom design focuses on our surroundings and is based on Lucy’s personal experience and insight. She explained. “I myself am a diver and have dived all over the world, but unfortunately, the evidence of the devastating human impact on the sea is clear. I have encountered plastic waste on every trip I have taken.”

Inspired by the fight against plastic pollution, the headboard fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles while the bed linen is organic and the pillow fabrics are produced using recycled polyester. To enhance the storytelling in this room, diving accessories, purchased second-hand from eBay, were placed around the room and panels of coral and a green and blue wall behind the headboard tied the design together. Lucy comments: “We thought it was important to explain the ideas behind this room, so information was included on a billboard regarding the devastating effects of human behavior on the oceans.”

four bedroom

Hedgehog Expressways around the development of Newland Homes are introduced and the four-bedroom highlights this specific cause. With recycled polyester fabrics throughout, organic bedding and a sustainable jute rug, this room promotes the protection of our wildlife. With splashes of gray, white, and pink throughout, the room is a welcoming haven filled with hedgehog-themed accessories. Furniture, such as the chest of drawers and the bedside table, have been carefully selected from a company that has won awards for reducing carbon emissions.

Wall paper

The wallpaper and paints used throughout the home were sourced from Little Greene, a company that uniquely offers a sustainable alternative to paint. Lucy explains: “Little Greene wallpaper comes from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forests where four more trees are planted for every tree used. Paper dyes are non-toxic and wallpaper paste contains no solvent. The water-based paint has the lowest environmental rating of the industry , and contributes neither solvent to the atmosphere nor to homeowners’ breathing systems, plus it’s virtually odorless.For oil-based paints, Little Greene has reformulated the elements to use vegetable oil, a sustainable alternative that does not affect the longevity of the paint or its quality”.

Chris Parker, Marketing Director of Newland Homes comments: “Andrew Henry Interiors created a unique design in Ryves Vale. Incorporating the environmental issues we face and connecting the design with nature has added an amazing USP to our show house. We felt the care and attention to detail shown by the design team on this project and the end result is a testament to their thoughtful approach. They have shown that sustainable interior design does not mean compromising on style or elegance. This show house offers great comfort and effective and impactful storytelling, creating a unique experience for potential buyers.”

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