The death of a man in a traffic accident during a flight from the border guards

Image contribution/courtesy US Customs and Border Protection

Contributing Article/Courtesy of US Customs and Border Protection

COCHISE COUNTY – On July 28, at approximately 1:09 p.m., the Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to make a stop on a vehicle with a temporary license plate on Davis Road near the mile 18 mark between the cities of Tombstone and McNeil, Arizona; The car did not drive. The deputy mayor stopped the chase for the driver’s erratic driving and issued a vehicle watch notice to county-level law enforcement agencies.

The Border Patrol station in Wilcox, Arizona, USA broadcast the search for the vehicle via service radio at approximately 2:26 p.m. Two Border Patrol officers were in separate vehicles at a nearby checkpoint and noticed the vehicle traveling north at SAR90 at approximately 3: 37 p.m. Agents confirmed it was the same car that ran away earlier in the day and a customer passed the car over at SAR90 to prepare the car mount for deployment in case the car fails again. The second agent continued to follow the car at a price of 90 Saudi riyals. A third agent driving the unmarked Border Patrol car behind the car joined the Border Patrol car shortly thereafter. Then the dealerships tried to stop the car by activating their emergency lights near the mileage mark 294 at SAR90, but the car failed to yield and ran away from the dealerships at high speed.

The first agent, who initially traveled north to wait for the vehicle, was stationed near Whetstone Ranch and deployed the vehicle stabilizer, which successfully made contact with the vehicle, but the driver continued driving north at SAR90. Out of the chase after inadvertently connecting to the stabilizing device, causing frame damage. The third agent took over the primary pursuit position with emergency lights and sirens turned on. The Border Patrol agent ended supervision of the chase at approximately 3:47 p.m. as it approached the city of Benson.

The stalker’s agent turned off his emergency equipment and, shortly thereafter, noticed an unmarked Benson Police Department vehicle in front of him turning on its emergency lights in an attempt to stop the suspicious vehicle. The Border Patrol agent then reactivated his emergency lights, and at about the same time, the suspicious vehicle collided with a GMC Yukon near the intersection of SAR90 and Village Loop. Both a local police department vehicle and a Border Patrol vehicle stopped at the scene, rendered assistance, and called for emergency medical services.

The Benson Fire Department and the Arizona Public Safety Department arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. The driver of the car, a US citizen, was transported via the Life Flight air ambulance to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. EMS Healthcare Innovations arrived on the scene and medical personnel announced the death of the suspected car passenger, a US citizen. EMS Healthcare Innovations transported two undocumented immigrants to Benson Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries and then released to Wilcox Border Patrol Station.

This incident is being investigated by the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Immigration and the Department of Customs’ Homeland Security Investigations. It is under review by the Office of Professional Responsibility at CBP and has been notified to the DHS Office of the Inspector General.

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