The Jonathan Adler x Ruggable collection is washable and wonderful

An increasing number of washable rugs are entering the market, but none have made quite the name for themselves as the original players in the game, Ruggable. When Jeneva Bell founded the home decor brand, it followed suit like so many innovative companies before it. It solved a problem that, up until that point, there was no good solution to. Like many a dog parent before her, the puppy in her life ruined a new expensive rug resulting in not just frustration, but also an idea – make a chic, stylish rug that doesn’t require a special vacuum cleaner. Instead, you just throw in the washing machine.

Cut to 12 years later, and Bell has found herself ruling an online rug empire. One so unique that even interior decorator and designer Jonathan Adler wanted a piece of the pile. He and Ruggable released their first collaboration a year ago to much praise (and profit). Today marks a major milestone for both the designer and the brand because the second stylish selection of washable rugs just debuted.

“The only thing better than working with Ruggable is working with Ruggable twice!” Adler said in a statement. “I’m thrilled to bring my favorite colors and patterns to my favorite rugs – and now doormats! Step into good design, muddy shoes and all.”

“Partnering with Jonathan in 2021 for our first-ever designer collaboration far exceeded our expectations and was a true joy, so we are absolutely thrilled to team up with him again to launch this brand new collection,” said Bell in a statement. “Jonathan is such a strong voice in the design community, and we love that we’re able to bring his vision of bright, joyfulness again to our trusted products.”


This news has not gone unnoticed as a new homeowner and a longtime proud puppy parent to three rescue dogs. So move your furniture out of the way and grab your best laundry detergent, because below are our picks for some of the best new Jonathan Adler x Ruggable collection designs available today exclusively at Ruggable.


As sophisticated as it is understated, this style comes in four colorways and 10 sizes, allowing for at least one to be a perfect fit for any room of your home.


Customize this stylish doormat with whichever letter you choose. It’s a good thing it’s washable because it’s so stylish, you’d have a hard time wiping dirty boots on it otherwise.

jonathan adler blue ruggable rug

The Greek key has gotten an Adler update in this statement rug, available in two color options. This rug can blend into a maximalist style or be the statement piece of an otherwise understated room. The choice is yours.

ruggable jonathan adler hello love doorman

An Adler take on the popular original Ruggable Hello style, this updated and elevated statement of love and friendship lets guests know they are welcome before they even set foot in the door.

Jonathan Adler Madrid Rug,

This rug is serving us serious Studio 54-vibes – and we can’t get enough. You can dance all night on this low-pile masterpiece and throw it in the wash to be fresh and new in time for your next party tomorrow.

Jonathan Adler Hush Doormat,

The doormat may be called hush, but the chic is on full blast.

Jonathan Adler Waterfall Rug,

Graphic stripes are on full display in this trippy curvy cascade of Chenille. Choose the vibrant multicolor pattern or the more monochromatic blue design most fitting to the waterfall name.

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