The Moleskine Foundation’s most recent exhibition features notebooks by artists and architects such as Michael Graves, Carlo Stanga, and 2022 Pritzker Prize laureate Diébédo Francis Kéré | News

A new book art exhibition from popular laptop maker Moleskine is now on display at the One World Trade Center’s One World Observatory, the first public exhibition of artwork in the attraction’s seven-year history.

Opening Today, The Moleskine Foundation New York bend The exhibition features notebooks by the late architect Michael Graves, Italian architect Carlo Stanga, and this year’s Pritzker Prize laureate Dipido Frances Keri.

Carlo Stanga,”I had a dream(2019). Image courtesy of the Moleskine Foundation.

According to the foundation, the collection of 75 individual artworks by many creative thinkers “celebrates how blank pages can become a work of art in their own right, providing moments of inspiration and reflection.” The exhibition is divided into five themes: the shiftAnd memoryAnd the borderAnd a tripAnd imagination. Each notebook tells a different story, a dream, or a “distinctive way of being and relating to the world.”

at memoryViewers can see this introspection perhaps especially in the notebook provided by the new Pritzker Prize-winning Goethe-Institut architect, whose contribution described the very roots of childhood to inspire the design he described in a recent interview with NPR. The piece, produced by Keri during a visit to the Venice Biennale in 2010, chronicles the architect’s observations about the differences in air circulation and heat absorption between the world art capital and his village of Gando, Burkina Faso.

Debido Francis Kerry Sketchbook, Contemporary Venice (2010). Video provided by the Moleskine Foundation.

Also, Graves’ 2007 notebook deserves closer examination. The drawing in its center presents a rigorous depiction of the architect’s Tuscan childhood, under which is a clear and “irrational” love for architecture for the built environment.

Michael Graves, without an address (2007). Image courtesy of the Moleskine Foundation.

Joining the designers are several artists, including Pentagram’s Paula Scheer, William Kentridge, and Icelandic supergroup Sigur Rós. Work from Activist and Curator Dalaeja Foreman The ‘Done Work’ piece provides a toolkit for anti-gentrification efforts in communities of color.

Moleskine Foundation New York bend It is on display at the One World Observatory until May 22, 2022. More information about the institution’s archives and collection of 1,300 objects can be found here.

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