“The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”

A dog owner decided to treat her pet dog in her bedroom, later sharing the impressive results with TikTok.

Online creator Tony Daly, who specializes in advising women on hair and beauty, took to social media to share snaps of her “adorable bedroom makeover.” The resulting clip did not disappoint, garnering over 5.4 million views and a slew of comments praising her creative efforts. Daley Marley’s dog, a Pomchi, a cross between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua, was impressed with the results.

While some may criticize the time and cost of gifting something to a pet, studies have shown that spending money on a dog rather than yourself can improve your mood. In a series of experiments conducted by researchers from Columbia University, the theory was tested. First, 149 people who had pets were randomly asked to recall a time when they spent $5 either on themselves, their pet, or someone else.

Marley the Pomchi Owner Toni Daley decided to decorate her pet dog’s room.
Tony Daly

Those who spend money on themselves often remember buying snacks or drinks. Those who bought for others remember the small gifts. Those who bought something for a pet remember it as a toy, treat or costume. Each participant was asked to describe the event in detail and then fill out a questionnaire answering the questions to determine how happy they were in their life. The results showed that those who remembered the time they bought something for a pet were happier than the other two groups.

Then, 200 pet owners recruited from a Chicago commuter train were given $5 each and asked to spend it on themselves, a friend or a pet before 8 p.m. that night and then answer an email survey. Again, those buying for themselves bought food, while those buying for someone else made small donations or also bought something edible for a friend. In the meantime, those who buy a pet choose to buy toys or treats.

After being asked again about their general happiness, the results showed that those who spent money on pets reported feeling happier than the other two groups. Reflecting on the findings, lead researcher Michael White concluded: “Buying a gift for their pet may not turn a sad pet owner into a happy pet owner, but our findings suggest an opportunity for pet owners to experience greater happiness.”

Daly is sure to do everything she can to build a happier life for herself and her pets if the viral clip shared on social media under the handle tonidaleyofficial is anything to go by. It can be viewed here.

The 52-second video begins with Daly getting rid of her old, comfy dog ​​bed. Pet lovers need not worry; In its place comes the headboard, the elegant zigzag pattern rug and a cozy looking double dog-size mattress with bed sheets and a blanket.

Next comes a bedside table, complete with a soothing diffuser, potted plants, and a super cute miniature imitation book. Dalí adds a hand-drawn image of a dog’s paw in a frame on the wall while a pair of well-deserved dog treats are added to the bed drawer.

A pillow and doll are added for that final touch to the class with Dalí finishing the video by wandering around the room to reveal Marley’s new sleeping quarters that have been set up near the foot of her owner’s bed.

The dog owner’s creative efforts received widespread praise on social media with brit.ta.neee stating, “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” while jonathanwarrenthedog added, “You won the internet today!”

Some came as jealous of the pet dog lifestyle. “This dog lives a better life than a lot of humans, it’s nicer than my bedroom,” said Philatron.

Meanwhile, others doubted the system would remain intact in their dogs’ feet. “My dog ​​was eating everything in sight,” Kaishild wrote. low_waste_plant_based added, “My dog ​​is going to ruin this. I wish we had nice things.”

Elsewhere, some expressed doubts about whether their dog would end up using the bed, especially with its owner sleeping comfortably and spaciously next door. “I could have done it and my dogs would still use up my entire bed,” Agadang said. Sold by the concept, Kristen Whitlock responded, “Every dog ​​owner should own this.”

Dali said NEWSWEEK She was inspired to spruce up her dog’s room from her “love for home decor,” which she posts regularly on Instagram.

“I’ve always hated the fact that my simple fuzzy dog ​​bed doesn’t match the look and feel of the rest of my house, so I decided to change that,” she said. “My favorite thing about my dog’s new decor is her adorable night stand which can be used as a snack store. She loves to snack in the middle of the night before bed!”

Marley is a 14-year-old Pomchi who has been with Dali since birth. “She is a relatively calm and well-behaved dog but still has a great amount of energy for seniors. She enjoys spending time on the yard, sunbathing and afternoon naps!”

Marley was enjoying a lot of doggie naps in her new sleeping quarters. “She loves her new bed,” Daly said. “She’s always loved having her own space and never sleeping in my house.”

Daly was encouraging other pet owners to do something similar, explaining that much of Marley’s room came together as a result of her being “creative about everyday things.” “Marley’s lamp is a car accessory, her ‘minimalism’ is a non-slip kitchen rug and her ‘bed sheet’ is a scarf so you never know where to find inspiration,” Daly said.

Update 10/05/22 at 5:24AM ET. This article has been updated with quotes and a video from Tony Daly.

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