The new Rockefeller Club ‘Studio’ is really the talk of Cape Town

At the heart of Cape Town lies an ode to new age culture, art, design and buzz. It is called the Rockefeller Hotel.

If the name hasn’t already been revealed, the Rockefeller is based on luxury and intertwined with art and liveliness. The Foreshore site features 39 expertly designed luxury apartments spread over 18 floors, but this time our focus was on a new aspect of the facility, closer to the stars (literally and figuratively).

Climbing to the top of the Rockefeller, you will find a new rooftop center located above the Mother City in a carefully organized layout. The studio, as the club aptly titled, comes from different creative perceptions. With the world’s newest addition, the Ryan Joffe Building has achieved yet another element of luxury urban celebration, Breathe new energy into Cape Town’s nightlife scene.

The rooftop cell was designed to charm musician Zakes Bantwini, by architectural designer Tristan du Plessis. Du Plessis’ creativity is felt throughout the Rockefeller Hotel and is channeled through Joffe’s final calls.

Pantweni says the place was something he would never have imagined when he remembers himself as a young boy living in the town of Durban. However, after years of smashing success (yes, he’s the man behind Cape Town’s anthem, Osama) Pantoini stands at the forefront of what will surely be one of Cape Town’s most memorable venues.

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The key word here is exclusive. As much as Studio echoes South African Bantwini’s dreams of unity in the one language we all speak, music, Studio is based on its “in the-know” nature. Walking? Not in this fancy hole. You have to reserve your place. But if you do, it will be nothing short of awesome, like the rest of the Rockefeller.

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Joffe’s spot is a city daydream with attention to detail evident around every corner. On a tour, Jovi told me that some elements of the hotel had to be redesigned several times until I thought they were what they should be. This perfection cannot be seen more clearly than on the marble staircase. The masterpiece took about twenty attempts and a year to master, writes Ashley ran out of Cape {town} Etc.

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The Rockefeller is deliciously prepared. Full amenities like a private gym, sushi and dessert bar, and rooftop pool are all part of the experience. You’d be forgiven if you thought you needed some sort of elite membership just to walk inside, and you might be curious to learn that many professionals actually call this place their home.

With that in mind, it makes sense why boardrooms and co-working areas are scattered in perfect close proximity to the busy individuals who reside in Rockefeller. Featuring technology and elegant designs, the rooms are perfect nests for rest. What they lack in size (unless it’s the penthouse we’re talking about) the establishment makes up for in its multiple offerings. The idea is to balance shared spaces with privacy, and it’s one of the latest trends for apartment dwellers on the market right now.

After all, who needs an oversized kitchen for cooking when you have multiple dining options downstairs?

While many locals and travelers may not have the privilege of staying at the Rockefeller, they can still experience a piece of it, even if it’s at night, all thanks to the king of rooftop mansions, the Studio.

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