The Oyo State Government approves the reconfiguration of the State Supreme Court, magistrates’ court complexes and new waste management program

The Oyo State Government authorized the award of the contract to redesign and restructure the Oyo State High Court and Magistrates Court Complexes in Ibadan on Wednesday (APFA).

A new waste management program that will support the state government’s waste management campaign has also received approval from the State Exco.

The renovation of the 2,275-kilometer Segwad Road in Jericho, which connects Akridolo Street with the gate of the police barracks and the main gate of the police headquarters, Ilili, Ibadan, has been approved, according to a statement issued by the governor’s press secretary, Mr Taiwo. Addis

According to the statement, shortly after the State Exco meeting in the Executive Chambers of the Governor’s Office, General Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan, State Commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructure and Transport, Professor Daoud Sangodwin, and Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources Mr Abiodun Oni briefed the reporters and provided details of the awarded contracts. and a new waste management initiative.

Professor Sangodwin told reporters that the construction of the High Court and Magistrates’ Court complex will be in two phases and will be completed within eighteen months.

He explained that RTD Thompsons would handle the contract and that the contractor would help the state redesign the two complexes as well as build an amphitheater and conference theater on the Ring Road. It will also reconfigure all courtrooms in both courts and will perform some external work at both locations.

He said, “Today, the Executive Board decided that we should consider the redesign, redevelopment and rebuilding of the Oyo State High Court Complex in the Ring Road and the Magistrates Court Complex in Iaganko and approved the two complexes to the tune of N 6.01 billion.

“The project was awarded to contractor RTD Thompson, and phase one commenced in June 2022 because the scope of phase one is nine months.

“We believe that before the end of January 2023, we were supposed to have completed the first stage of the Supreme Court in the Ring Road, and later move on to the second stage, which is the Judges Complex in Iaganko.

“What this entails is that the contractor will help us remodel the court complexes including the conference theater in the Ring Road and all the courtrooms in the two venues. We will also do some external work on those places where we have noticed that the libraries are not of the modern type. In general, the duration of The two phases are 18 months.

“The attached terms are in place, the contractor will have to show a commitment of 20 percent before we release the first batch of funds. It’s an APFA project. After that, we pay the rest in equal installments over the months. Our goal is that once the project is completed in February, we will continue to pay.” In April and May before we start the second phase.”

He added that the reconstruction and rehabilitation of 2,275 km from Sajwad Road, Jericho to Akridolo Street, to the gate of the police barracks, to the main gate of the police headquarters, was approved through direct intervention from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Tune 683 million naira and that the duration of eight months.

The Commissioner of Police Road, Police Training Center and Police Barracks in Iaganko will be included in the expansion, he said, adding that this will boost social and economic activities in the area as well as inspire the police.

In the same vein, the Executive Council has also approved a new waste management program to address the issue of waste management in the state, according to Mr Abiodun Oni, Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources.

According to Oni, the Monttainai Recycling Africa Ministry of Environment and Water Resources will oversee the operation of the new waste management system.

He said, “Part of what we discussed was how to solve the waste management problem in Oyo state. We also discussed some proposals on how to have a sustainable waste management measure that can solve the crisis we are facing in this sector. We believe this will take care of the challenge in the country.”

“We don’t want anything to happen to the existing payment service providers who have the capacity. It also concerns our citizens, who need to understand how they need to dispose of their waste.

We don’t want people to throw waste into canals and streams. We have to produce waste and we cannot consider it a problem but we must come up with a solution by managing it.”

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