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After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, the Itty Bitty Art Show at For Arsake Gallery in Nye Beach, now in its eleventh year, is back.

Artsaki, founded 14 years ago, is an artist-owned collaborative gallery that typically only showcases the works of its 10 members, but its traditional show Itty Bitty changes the mix and invites everyone and anyone to submit small artworks to judge the show.

The display features small, stylized artwork. The pieces considered for Itty Bitty must not exceed 36 square inches for 2D work, or less than 40 cubic inches for 3D pieces.

Entries will be accepted on May 27-29, and judging will take place on May 31. Offer lasts for the month of June.

With COVID still a significant factor, there will be no artist reception for the fair this year, to avoid crowds in a small space.

“Anyone from anywhere can participate in the show to be judged,” said Jill Meyer, the show’s newest member. “We encourage everyone to submit something. We will be scanning a spot in the gallery to show Itty Bitty entries.”

Meyer has never submitted anything to Itty Bitty but said she is considering entering a small watercolor in this year’s competition.

As a collegiate group, Artsaki’s ten owners take three work shifts at the fair each month, and each has additional job responsibilities for the gallery, ranging from publicity to bookkeeping.

“We are all business partners, and this seems to work well for everyone,” Meyer said. “We put more time and effort and always save space on the wall.”

She added, “I was welcomed with open arms. It’s a great way to be an artist with such a wonderful and cheerful group of people. I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. 2021 was the best year for the exhibition!”

Artake features pottery, photography, existing object collages, sculpted wall hangings, classic oil paintings, acrylic paintings, painted ceramic tiles, jewelry, molten glass, watercolors, sunken paintings, and sculpture.

“The gallery is a beautiful space, regardless of one’s knowledge of art,” Meyer said. “It’s not a scary space at all. And I heard people are really looking forward to the Itty Bitty show.”

“The reason I love this show so much is that we’ve reached out to the art community and are inviting all of our clients and community members who support our gallery to join us on the gallery walls,” said member owner Katie LaRue. , who works with molten glass and enamel and makes jewelry.

“Our gallery is a small space, so hosting an Itty Bitty show is a fun and creative way to showcase the many people who love the gallery from all over the world,” she added.

In addition to entering the show, everyone is invited to stop by the gallery and vote for their favorite piece. The work with the most votes will receive a People’s Choice Award. Voting for this award ends on June 15, but the show will run until June 30.

Mayer, who moved to Newport in 2019, said the gallery remains one of her favorite places in town. And Show Itty Bitty makes it even more exciting.

“There is a lot of joy about this show,” she said. “We really want people to get involved. It’s something fun for the whole community.”

Entry forms to view Itty Bitty are available at the gallery or can be downloaded from their website. Entries are limited to two people per person, with an entry fee of $5. Artwork must be original, ready to hang, and may be priced or listed as ‘not for sale’. For work sold in the gallery, the gallery will retain a commission of 20 percent.

The gallery is located at 258 NW Coast St. , at Nye Beach in Newport. More information is available at 541-574-9070 or

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