The Santa Helena project continues in Solana Beach

A small number of residents raised concerns about the Santa Helena Neighborhood Road Project, which would renovate Santa Helena from Sun Valley Road to San Elijo Lake, during the Solana Beach City Council meeting on May 11.

The project will reduce the width of the roadway, which has one lane per direction but was originally designed for four lanes, and create a live track, according to a city task force report. One of the main goals is to calm the traffic.

The final project will include one lane in each direction for vehicles, as well as bike lanes in both directions, as well as construction of new curbs and gutters on one side, ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps, intermediate sidewalks, rainwater drains, sidewalk overlays, and traffic signs and markings.

The proposed design of the road also includes drought-resistant landscaping and rest areas, each with benches, pedestrian lighting, and decorative rocks. The final sign is still under development by city employees and city contractor MW Peltz.

The 2021-22 budget has $70,000 in TransNet county funding for the final design. The current estimated cost to build the project is $2.6 million, but no source of funding has been secured yet.

Solana Beach resident Carolyn Davis said she’s lived in the area for about 24 years, but was unaware of public workshops being held. She said during a public comment that she was concerned about public safety, including people congregating at the newly constructed site.

Davis, one of the residents who shared their concerns with council members, said.

Solana Beach City Council member David Zito said the road was “supposed to be a moving area, not really intended to be a gathering area.”

“If we do some of these treatments, if you narrow it down, and you just keep it parallel parking, and you have a bike lane in there, it could do the opposite. He’s going to push people away from them who like to throw gas on the floor because he doesn’t have that anymore,” Zito said. Gravity anymore.”

Solana Beach Mayor Lisa Hebner said the county sheriff, who provides law enforcement in Solana Beach, will be able to deal with any issues that may arise.

“We’ve directed police deputy sheriffs to patrol our neighborhoods more and more, and they’ve been very responsive and hopefully we can prevent some of that gathering,” she said.

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