The strength and beauty of technical ceramic tiles in the contemporary bathroom: exclusive interior design from Seventyonepercent

Tradition and innovation It is incorporated into many interior design projects, especially in places where Materials She is really the deciding factor.
In the long run, the properties of the materials really come to the fore in the parts of the house where they are exposed to extensive long-term use, such as Kitchen and bathroom.
In these cases, it is best to choose products that stand up to them right away daily wear And tearing while preserving the original the beauty of their surfaces.
The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that designers have focused on the most in recent years, considering the role of more traditional products (wood, metal, copper, and maiolica, to name a few) and the need to turn it into a coil A place of harmony and tranquility.

In keeping with the aesthetic trend of beauty farms and spas, the main focus is on mood in home bathrooms as well, providing sensory pleasure through lights, mirrors, fumes, sounds and fragrances, supported by natural features such as plants, stones, paths, and waterfalls if desired.
Therefore, even in small spaces, contemporary bathroom design looks for beauty and luxury, along with comfort, not to mention environmental awareness.
A product that responds to these functions and offers solutions for all surfaces, while keeping them unchanged after years of use, is definitely High quality technical ceramics.

Iris Ceramica Collectionthe world leader in the production of technical ceramics, has recently been addressing bathrooms seventy percent The project, with the launch kit designed by Paolo Castelli SpA.

It is a prestigious partnership between two leading modern design groups: Celebrating 60 years in business in 2021, Iris Ceramica Group is a holding company at the helm of the ceramics industry in terms of production, distribution and decades of experience, through which it continues the great Italian ceramic imitation.
The same artisanal tradition goes back to the roots of Paolo Castelli SpA, heir to the historic Bologna business dating back to 1887: a flexible and dynamic organisation, nowadays Paolo Castelli SpA is a leading company in global contracts And interior designsupplying the hospitality, high-end residential, luxury retail, museums and cruise ship sectors.

Globe, inspiration, wing and the thirties

Composed of four production lines, GlobeAnd inspiration – inspirationAnd wing And the thirtiesshown here in the gallery, the Seventyonepercent brand addresses a knowledgeable and distinct purpose and delivers an engaging and extraordinary aesthetic experience.

The production system underlying Seventyonepercent is an artisanal chain production, with products entirely designed and engineered in the Italian region of Emilia.
The collection’s artistic porcelain is sophisticated and elegant, able to dialogue with other luxury materials to create exclusive interiors, with a strong sense of identity, distinction and refinement.
“The idea and the name Seventy arise from the ratio of interaction between water and land,” and is seen as the greatest example of balance and synthesis to be found in nature. Specifically, the number 71 represents the percentage of the Earth’s surface covered by water.

Line With a strong creative influenceAnd Globe It is a source of light, illuminating interiors and transforming them into a new dimension, instantly becoming the central feature of the design scheme.

These effects are created by constantly changing reflections, which “It caress the eye and nurtures the imagination, creating a sophisticated blend of materials, geometric shapes and elegance.”
The polished glass disc is shaped in a wave effect and includes a mirror, while the washbasin is available in matte Calacatta Oro and glossy Statuario Light. The faucets and fittings are available in matte gold or matte black nickel.

With input from the past, inspiration – inspiration It is a font rich in detail, for the bathroom that symbolizes “Sharing Spaces and Moments, Osmosis and Play”. The Inspiration worktop and wall coverings are in glossy Statuario Light, and the body is painted white. The hanging mirrors are in steel, and the metal details, spigots and fittings are in matte black nickel.

Meeting point “Skillful design, craftsmanship and solid materials”The suite is an elegant and contemporary collection with a more rational and simple mood.

very attractive, wing It still provides expression and visual strength thanks to an elaborate mix of colors: the cabinet in gray by Structured Pietra Piasentina, the wood finishes and details (walnut finish) and the faucets, fixtures and mirrors in a matte gold.

On the other hand, shape and seduction are the defining qualities of the thirties, with his brilliant use of contrasts. The 1930s embodies “a subtle design shaped by the warmth of wood and strengthened by stoneware with metallic accents.”

Matte Calacatta Oro board upper, metallic inserts, matte gold taps and fixtures, and wood detailing.

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