The Village Green Building Scholarship is open for applications

The Mount Prospect Village Green Building Grant Program is open to eligible companies and owners of commercial and industrial property.

Grants are available up to 50% of the project cost, or $10,000, whichever is lower, to eligible businesses and owners of commercial and industrial property to help cover a portion of the cost of a particular installation.

With the Green Building Grant Program, $100,000 is set aside for 2022, and $50,000 for 2023. Proposals are required to demonstrate a net reduction in the property’s total energy consumption or meet other sustainability criteria.

Examples include, but are not limited to, green roofs, rooftop photovoltaic solar panels, fungus technology, rainwater harvesting, and micro-wind turbines.

Village trustees previously approved a proposed budget to use more than $7 million in U.S. bailout funds earmarked for the village. Of these funds, $425,000 is allocated to support economic development initiatives. Three grant programs have been created to help local businesses and commercial and industrial property owners recover from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To be considered as an eligible company for a scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain and maintain a valid and valid village business license;
  • No legal infringements or liens attached to the property;
  • Applicants must not be a home occupation;
  • Applicants must show evidence that the particular installation will result in a net reduction in the property’s total energy consumption or meet other sustainability criteria;
  • Applications must be for a specific renewable/green project. Projects not available for grants or rebates through Cook County or one of its associated facilities may be given priority;
  • Only one scholarship per calendar year may be funded per applicant;
  • It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to complete any and all necessary permits or applications for the Village;
  • Changes to the project once the grant is awarded will necessitate a formal written application as well as a revised budget and energy assessment accounts or other sustainability criteria; And the
  • Subsequent projects and applications cannot be retroactive before the scholarship program start date, which was July 25.

The first review of applications will take place on October 1 and will be reviewed later on a rolling basis. Grant reimbursement will be issued one month after installation to verify energy impact/sustainability. Construction delays due to the supply of materials or weather will be considered in light of the calendar year 2023 funding period end date. Applications will be considered until the end of 2023, however the applicant must commit to completing the project to receive funding before the project is installed during the grant program period.

Completed applications should be sent to Bill Cooney, Director of Community Development, at [email protected]. You must also file a Federal Tax Form W-9 in accordance with federal and state law.

Grant checks will be issued once the installation is completed, and the permit is closed by the Village Construction Department.

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