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If you have ever wanted to storm the high seas in search of buried treasure, now is your chance.

At the new Adventure Treasure Hunt Holidays from Pelorus, you and your friends and family can charter luxury yachts off the coast of Sardinia, Indonesia or the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Once you’re there, you’ll take part in immersive expeditions created in collaboration with Luxury Treasure Hunts. Each experience is based on the routes of historical sailors, and is designed to entertain explorers of all ages.

The adventures run from one to three days and are led by a team of storytellers, actors, screenwriters, prop makers and former Hollywood producers. These staged experiences will take you underwater, through dense jungles and across beaches that only a few have visited. Clues and puzzles will be shared with explorers to solve, and if you need help, a Game Guide will be available to help locate treasures and solve puzzles. Most experiences will take place on yachts and near the beaches of each tropical destination.

One of the Pelorus yachts for rent in Sardinia


In Sardinia, for example, you can rent a sailing yacht, such as Halcyonand set out on a “careful historical search” to find Captain John Rackham’s legendary lost treasure. (Each adventure includes access to other experiences. In that case, once you’ve found the treasure, you can also snorkel, wine tasting, and even golf on the Italian island.) In Indonesia, meanwhile, you can book a traditional Venetian yacht—like the Lamima or Donia Baro—This will lead you to a treasure hunt in Komodo National Park.

Treasure yacht experiences Pelorus to search for treasure

A coin was found during an experiment


In Antigua and Barbuda, you will follow in the footsteps of the fanatics you inspired Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. Perolus suggests chartering sailing yachts such as eroswho sleeps 12, or a replacement for James Bond better known as It’s okay Motor yacht.

This is not the first time that the luxury travel company has organized such experiences. Its recently launched experiment takes yacht owners and guests on a Bond-themed treasure hunt in Greenland as explorers solve clues and use abandoned radar stations as nighttime camping sites. But treasure hunting not only provides warmer climates, it uplifts the experiences themselves.

“We now have the ability to bring more factual stories to life, adding to the already high return on experiential value we strive to bring to all of our clients,” CEO and founder Jordi Mackay Lewis says in a statement. “Our treasure hunts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Indonesian are only the beginning as we develop new locations around the world.”

Experiences start at €28,000 – but memories can be hard to put a price tag on.

Click here for more photos of the experiments.

Pelorus Treasure Hunting Yacht Experiences Slide Cover


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