Tisha Campbell: What To Watch If You Like A Solo Star

Former Emmy Award Winner How do I meet your mother Cast member Neil Patrick Harris may be the team leader Disconnected The cast (and serves as executive producer), but many would agree that Tisha Campbell effectively stole the show. She stars in the new Netflix original romantic drama as Susan Prentice – the business partner and close friend of Harris’s character who helps her re-enter the dating world after his longtime boyfriend suddenly takes him out.

Actor, comedian, singer and dancer may be the reason behind some people’s decision Disconnected An attempt in the first place, while others may have first discovered her through her hilarious performance on one of the biggest Netflix TV schedule shows of 2022. If the latter describes you, it looks like you have a lot of homework to do, but we can help you catch up quickly By recommending our picks for the best Tisha Campbell movies and TV shows on streaming or for digital rental below – starting with the popular sitcom she’s made famous.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Martin (HBO Max, BET+)

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