Toscana Park offers a gated community

Amberley and Patrick Woodard moved to Memphis from Reno, Nevada, to take Patrick’s job. He is a physician and leads digital project development initiatives for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Amberley works for AVIA Health, a Chicago-based digital health innovation company, and leads the practice of precision medicine. The couple knew they were looking for a home that would provide them with a home office space for each other. Amberly is working remotely and as the pandemic continues, Patrick’s second home office has been perfect.

Amberley and Patrick love their new home.

“In addition to the home duplex office space, we also wanted a large entertaining area and a spacious chef’s kitchen because we love to cook,” Amberley said. “With the family out of town, we knew we needed a dedicated guest room. And we wanted to have a TV room separate from the main room where we could entertain. Also, we hoped to have a wine cellar. Outside, we wanted a large patio and enough fenced patio space for our dog.” To make plenty of room to run around. Finally, we wanted a two-car garage.”

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